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Viaje Skull and Bones

Directly on the heels of the popular Reserva line comes the Skull and Bones. This cigar features a sun grown criollo wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder and filler. They come 25 to a box and sell for $9.00. Al Duffrin from Viaje cigars asked me to review these cigars and due to my affection for […]

Cigar Shop Review – The Cigar Shop, Biloxi, MS

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast and wiped out our cigar shops. Two of them, the main two shops, never reopened like many businesses in our area. Most business were scared to risk a venture on the Gulf Coast after such a devastating hit. Every since that horrible day, the Mississippi Gulf […]

Press Release – Rediscover La Aurora with the 107

Paul Gramirian Reserva Excluvisa

Today’s cigar comes to us from Paul Gramirian. I generally treat this brand of cigars as celebratory cigars. I’m never let down by them and the high price point keeps them out of my regular smoking rotation. However, these cigars are not so ridiculously priced that I can’t pick up a handful from time to […]

Lempira Fuerte

I apologize to all you ash-holes for not getting a post up on Monday. Last weekend was jam packed, and although I smoked a ton of cigars, I just never had the chance to sit down and put a review together. But today I’m back with a cigar that I had never heard of until […]

Avo Signature

This week I’m reviewing the Avo Signature belicoso. This cigar was originally released in 2001 as the Avo 75th Anniversary cigar and features an Ecaudorian habano sun grown wrapper grown exclusively for this cigar, a ligero binder from San Vincente and 4 different types of Dominican tobaccos for the filler. Vitola: torpedo Size: 6 x […]

Rocky Patel Event at Crescent City Cigars – 4/16/2010

This past weekend, Crescent City Cigars kicked off the annual Crescent City Cigar and Crawfish Crawl with a Rocky Patel event. Armando Ortiz, the owner of Crescent City Cigars, hosted a great event with some great deals on Rocky Patel cigars. Free food and drinks were available and the store was packed out. Its was […]

Brick House

The Brick House was first introduced in 1937 by J.C. Newman as a Havana Clear. Havana Clears were cigars rolled in the United States with Cuban tobacco. Fast forward to the present and J.C. Newman has reintroduced this line of cigars now using Nicaraguan tobacco. The new line was introduced at the 2009 IPCPR trade […]

CAO La Traviata Favorito

Today we are revisiting a cigar that made our top ten list of last year. The La Traviata robusto was a site favorite and CAO has released two new sizes for the line. Jon Huber, Director of Lifestyle Marketing, was kind enough to send me a fiver of each size. Animados: 5 5/6 x 46 […]

Cheap Ash: Vista de Cuba by Oliveros

You can thank my wife for today’s review. I took her to the cigar shop on Saturday and asked her to pick out a cigar for me to review. I figure that would be a good way to possibly try something different without any of my subconscious biases. She didn’t disappoint, because she managed to […]