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“Smoked Up” No.34

Its Tuesday and time for another issue of “Smoked Up”. The last week was a very challenging one for me personally. Rewind to three weeks ago when I was at my buddy (who had a major stroke in December) “Uncle Bob’s” house that’s pretty much out in the sticks. Well, low and behold, I get […]

Ezra Zion & CigarFederation Co-Owner, Kyle Hoover launches Cigar Themed Christian Ministry: Blessed Leaf

8/27/13 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kyle Hoover, co-owner of Ezra Zion Cigar Company and, announces the launch of a new cigar-themed Christian ministry, Blessed Leaf. “Blessed Leaf is a unique idea, something that has never been done before. It’s a faith community–or in more basic terms–an “online church” for cigar smokers.” noted Hoover. . On […]

“Smoked Up” No.33

Another hot and humid week is in my rear view mirror here in the deep south. We had a “tropical depression” come through this weekend. All it did was dump a good amount of rain and some wind; no damage on the homefront. I went to a RoMaCraft event at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, […]

“Smoked Up” No.32

This past week has been pretty laid back and well awaited. Work has settled back to a normal pace and so has the home life. No big news here, except if you count dropping $575 on two tires for my truck, That surely put a dent on my cigar, rum & bourbon spending. Either way, […]

Tabacalera Artista Exactus Habano Robusto

Tabacalera Artista has been in the cigar industry since 1956 and mainly produces cigars for private labels. They produce about 6million cigars every year.  As well as rolling cigars, they also wholesale tobacco to many companies each year. They have about 950 acres of tobacco grown on their farm each year. Recently, they decided to make […]

“Smoked Up” No.31

Another week is past us in 2013 and another issue of “Smoked Up” is here. Nothing too much to report in my neck of the woods. Finished up a 4day @ 12hours/day work week which left me whooped. I didn’t enjoy too many cigars last week due to the long hours of work. When I […]

CLE Plus 11/18 exclusivel​y available at Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium

Introducing the CLE Plus 11/18   Exclusively at Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium Danbury, Connecticut - Butthead’s Tobacco Emporium is proud to announce their newest exclusive project. This time Butthead’s has chosen to team up with Christian Eiora’s new company, Fabricas Unidas, to create an exclusive line extension to the CLE Plus line of cigars. This exclusive size is none […]