About Nice Tight Ash

Welcome to Nice Tight Ash! We are very proud to launch our cigar blog, and hope we can contribute half as much to the online cigar community as it has given us. Cigar smoking is not just about the cigars themselves, but about the times we’ve had and the people we have met while smoking them. Whether you call yourself an aficionado, an enthusiast, a passionado, or just a guy or gal who likes cigars, we’ve got something for you.

Why Nice Tight Ash?

Back in 2001, Charlie was at his company’s Christmas party in Washington, D.C. After the party, he and his friends were down in the pub, smoking cigars and having some good bourbon. Charlie had had a bit much to drink, and got into professorial mode, and started to explain why the Padron 1964 Maduro he was smoking was so excellent to his friends. “Man, look at that nice tight ash! Just look at it! That’s how you know you’ve got a good cigar in your hand! Just look at that that tight ash!” Every five minutes “nice tight ash” dripped into his speech. And on Monday his friends didn’t let him forget it. So, being a web developer, he went and registered the domain.

A couple years later he forgot to renew it, but his Uncle Chris re-registerred it. In the spring of 2008 his cousin, Chris II, and he started working on Nice Tight Ash, hashing out ideas and concepts and the principals behind the site while herfing on the back deck at Chris’ house.

Over time the cousins became the Ash-Holes. The Ash-Holes have morphed some over the years with some coming and going. The current crew are happy to be here and looking forward to their next smoke….

How we do things

For our cigar reviews, we try to smoke every cigar at least twice before writing our reviews. We drink water with at least one of them so as to not distract from the cigar (although you will catch us drinking a beer or Scotch or bourbon with them from time to time). And we try to find as much information about the cigar itself. Knowing the wrapper is from Nicaragua is great, but we try to find out what type of wrapper it is also. We also want to showcase both the known cigar brands, and also lesser known boutiques. We review what interests us, and hopefully it will interest you as well. We’ll get into cigar gear like humidors, lighters, cutters, and other odds and ends. And hopefully we can pass on some useful information we’ve picked up after smoking cigars for so long.

What’s next?

We’ve got some big plans, and we think you’ll find them as interesting and fun as we do. Subscribe to our RSS feed and Twitter and stay tuned as we roll out new features and reviews of not just cigars and gear, but also hopefully some articles that will help you get the most out of your cigar smoking in the coming days and weeks. And maybe we’ll sneak in some other stuff too. We’ll also be having some friends drop by to offer up some more info. Thanks

Our Reviewers

Chris — Chris was one of the two original ash-holes. Read his full bio.

Ben — Ben was the third to join the Ash Holes and remains a regular contributor. Read his full bio.

Brian — Brian is one of our newest ash-holes, and a great reviewer. Read his full bio.

Shawn — Shawn is our most recent Ash Hole. Welcome aboard Shawn. We hope you are here for a long while. Read his full bio.

Charlie — One of the two original ash-holes. Charlie is no longer a regular contributor here at NiceTightAsh but he remains an avid BOTL and aficionado.

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