Arturo Fuente Rosado Gran Reserva R52

Fuente released a new cigar line in December 2009 with a special rosado wrapper. This new wrapper comes from the second or third primings from the Oliva tobacco farm in Ecuador. These wrappers are then aged for 8 to 10 years before being rolled with a Dominican binder and filler and then set to age for another year. This gives the cigar a very flavorful medium body. The cigar is a limited release and only release to special Fuente accounts that also carry the Opus X and Anejo lines. This cigar comes in 3 sizes:

How does this cigar hold up against its bigger, more famous brothers? Watch the video and find out.

PS – Remember, today is the last day of our contest!

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Thanks for the review! I’ve always had a soft spot for Arturo Fuente, and this helps me decide what to do with the several AF’s hiding in my coolidor.

Erph! “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by…”

Viddy no worky right now!

Okay — ignore previous posts.

Love your Bugatti – that’s a perfect punch! I keep askin’: any familiarity with the Wolf V-cutter? Perfect V-cuts in the same way your Bugatti makes a perfect punch.

LOTS of smoke on that… Oak. leather, sweet & spice: veddy nice!

Yay! “Boxworthy!” “Any and all cigar smokers should go grab some…”

Wait: didn’t you say these are… SOLD OUT?! Ah, well.

Thanks, Ben. Always enjoy the vids.

Great review Ben, sounds like a great cigar. Sad to find out these are so hard to find out. I have a soft spot for A. Fuente cigars since my first cigar was a Chateau Fuente. Keep on smoking.

Love the Fuente Sungrowns and the Anejo. Looks like my search is on to try these out.

This month was a long 31 days. You all have done well thoughtout videos and written cigars reviews. I have brought some of the cigars. They were good as you’ll said. Thanks…Keep its going brother….

Thanks for the review, Ben. I’m lucky that a nearby shop carries these and I was able to try one. I’ll definitely be picking up some more as long as there in stock.

Great review,smoked a couple of these and they were great.

A correction to my comment: I’ll definitely be picking up some more as long as “they’re” in stock.

Thanks for the review Ben. You guys are a bad influence on my spending habits.

I’m a big fan of Fuentes and these sounds absolutly tasty.

Nice review. I picked a couple up yesterday to give them a hot. I am a big fan of Fuentes so hopefully I will enjoy them.

Sounds like a nice smoke, I will have to keep my eyes peeled for some.

Interesting it is medium bodied as I always think Fuente = full ;)


These sounded more interesting than they ended up for me. Okay flavor, nothing earthshattering or terribly surprising, but both samples I smoked had excess glue all over the wrappers and the bands tore chunks of wrapper off. I’ve seen better quality control in sticks for $2 apiece less.

I smoked one of these at the local B&M when they were released…finished it off & walked back in the humidor & picked up another hand full of them. Great review!!

Thanks for reviewing this one. I think I’ll have to pick some up now, since I am a cigar smoker and you said we should all try them!

Great review!! Love your hat!!! Amen Brother!!

After seeing family members smoke cigars and friends dads talk about them a lot i decided to go to the local shop and try one. Ive heard of arturo fuente more than a few times so i picked up a couple of the r54’s..just wondering if it would be a bad idea to light one up as my first cigar or should i store them in my dads humidor till i can appreciate them? email me to help a young beginner out..thanks

Love these cigars. I’ve had three of the 52 and two of the 56, and I think I prefer the smaller ring gauge, but I usually do. My local tobacconist has a good relationship with the Fuente’s and they’ve actually come to visit the shop when they were being considered as a retailer. I’ve had a couple of Opus X from there, also. All awesome smokes.

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