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E.P. Carrillo Core Line

One year ago, I reviewed Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s first post-La Gloria Cubana project, the E.P. Carrillo Edición Inaugural 2009. It was a limited run, and it was meant as sort of a preview to the new company’s style until they were ready to release the cigar I’m reviewing today, the E.P. Carrillo Core Line. I absolutely loved the Edición Inaugural and the Short Run line that followed it, so I’ve definitely been anticipating Ernesto’s first full-line cigar release. Offered in 6 sizes, the cigar features Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos cloaked in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, finished with the now familiar red, black, and gold band.

Alec Bradley New York

New York state cigar shops were walloped with big new cigar tax (75% of the wholesale price) this past year, so the Alec Bradley Cigar Co. has released a special cigar just for those shops in the state. They call it, simply enough, the Alec Bradley New York. Made in Honduras, the wrapper and binder […]

Illusione Nosotros Corona Larga

Ben gave a pre-release of the Nosotros from Illusion a try back in September, and raved about it. In fact, it was his #1 cigar of 2009. Now that the Nosotros is in full production, and available from your favorite tobacconist, I thought I’d fire up one, and give it a try.

Lighter Buyer’s Guide

Father’s Day is coming up, and a favorite gift for cigar smokers is a butane lighter. We’ve done our fair share of lighter reviews here at Nice Tight Ash, and we want to share what we look for in a quality cigar lighter, whether you are getting something for dear old dad or for yourself.

Smoking Bans Are A Capital Joke

Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, has a smoking ban like many of the states in the union have to one degree or another. In 2007, the District banned smoking in bars, restaurants, and other public places. But it seems that if you are a member of the City Council, you can get a one-day waiver for your organization. The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick holds an annual boxing event to raise money for charity, and one of the traditions for the event is cigar smoking. So Jack Evans, a city councilman representing Ward 2 and a member of the Friendly Sons, asked his colleagues for a one-day waiver for their event.

Tatuaje Black Tubo

Two weeks ago I smoked the Tatuaje Verocu Tubo with you. This time I’m lighting up the companion release, the Tatuaje Black Tubo. The Black is known as Pete Johnson’s personal smoke, and came out in two other sizes previously, a corona gorda (my favorite) and a robusto. It’s a Nicaraguan puro, and features an unfinished foot. It’s a little pricier than the Verocu tubo at a MSRP of $14, and comes in the same 10 count boxes.

Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano is Launched

Nestor Miranda and Miami Cigar teamed up with Don Pepin Garcia and My Father Cigar Company about 9 months ago, and their latest collaboration is now available, the Nestor Miranda Collection Dominicano. This cigar was definitely a collaborative effort with La Aurora S. A. providing the tobacco, and Don Pepin doing the blending and manufacturing. It uses Nicaraguan filler and binder, and a Dominican Corojo wrapper. It’ll be in the $7–8 price range.

Xikar Ultra Cutter & Lighter

The Xikar Ultra Lighter and Cutter combination earns high marks for both form and function, and is a must buy for cigar smokers.

Tatuaje Verocu Tubo

Back in the summer of 2007, Tatuaje released a more full-bodied blend of their Havana VI line (a.k.a. the Tatuaje Red Label) called the Verocu. Two sizes were released: the 5″ x 54 Zona del Este and the 6″ by 52 Lado Occidental. On a take off of the Cuban regional release, the former was distributed east of the Mississippi River and the latter west of it. They proved to be popular, but only a finite number was made, and except for trades, the original Verocus are longer available. In November 2009, Pete Johnson released a new version of the Verocu in a tubo. The blend and wrapper remained the same, and are now delivered in a 6-1/8″ x 52 torpedo in a bright red aluminum tube. (A Tatuaje Black tubo was also released at the same time, and I’ll be smoking that with you next week.) The Verocu Tubos come in beautiful 10 count red boxes that are incredibly heavy in comparison to most cigar boxes, and MSRP is $11 per cigar.

Restrictive Measures Proposed for Maryland Tobacconists

A new bill has come up before the Maryland legislature that would greatly harm all of the tobacconists (and by extension, cigarsmokers) in the state. House Bill 88 would, among other things, restrict tobacconists to purchasing cigars solely from in-state distributors. This would increase the wholesale cost of cigars to the retailers, who would be forced to pass the cost onto you, the consumer. Please take action, and tell your representatives to oppose HB88.