Bad Dog Toro


Bad Dog Cigars are relatively new to the industry.  Created by Nicholas Scarcella and Andreas, long time business partners, these cigars feature a unique Rhodesian wrapper that comes from the Zimbabwe.  Thank you to Duque Cigars for providing the cigars for this review.

Company: Bad Dog Cigars
Made In: Nicaragua
Made by: Bad Dog Cigars
Size: 6″ x 52 Toro
Wrapper: Rhodesian
Filler: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
MSRP: $115.43 for a 20 count film can from Duque Cigars


The Rhodesian wrapper was a light tan color and was speckled with multiple discolorations.  This 6″ x 52 Toro was box-pressed and boasted a sweetened triple cap.  The veiny wrapper appeared to be applied nicely, however, I was able to detect multiple hard and soft spots down the length of the cigar.  I clipped the end with my Palio cutter  and got a nice smooth draw that left a sugary sweet taste on my lips.

First Third

I must admit that since I don’t smoke sweetened cigars the sweetened tip was very distracting.  The sweetness didn’t effect the smoke in my mouth as much as it did the taste of my lips.  Off the light the cigar appeared to be performing well.  Copious amounts of smoke poured from the cigar and brought muted flavors of coffee, wood and grass.  The cigar continued to burn fairly straight through the first third and the white ash held on for almost two inches.


Second Third

As I puffed my way into the second third of this cigar, my disappointment began to settle in.  The coffee and grass flavors remained and are joined by the taste of walnuts.  Although I can pick up on different flavors they seem very hollow, like they lack any punch.  To compound my distaste for the flavors, the cigar began to burn unevenly.  I lacked so much interest that I did not bother to attempt a touch-up.


Last Third

Unfortunately, the final third of this cigar brought more of the same.  The cigar continued to burn crooked and the flavors lacked any pizzaz except for a strong bitterness that masked the original flavors.  I tossed this cigar with approximately 1 1/2 inches left.


Final Thoughts

I was not thrilled with these Bad Dog Cigars.  The flavors never really developed, with the exception of the bitterness towards the end, which increased my disappointment.  The crooked burn could have been corrected, however, my lack of interest prevented that.  I would recommend this cigar as the first cigar of your day with a cup of coffee.  The muted/hollow flavors would benefit nicely from a dark roasted coffee.

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Nice review Chris. I also have a hard time with a sweetened cap. It usually seems to be added in an attempt to save a cigar that doesn’t have much going on but it rarely works.

Sweet cap or no, I’m looking forward to trying these. Maybe a little age will cure some of the problems.

Thanks for the review. I’ve never heard of these cigars so it’s always nice to find out about something new.

Sweetened caps annoy my face. I do like the film canister tins though.

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