Bahia Blu B500 Robusto

The Bahia Blu got a lot of talk on Twitter with the BOTLs, so I decided to try a bundle. A couple of clicks and I had one ordered from The Bahia Blu is a medium bodied cigar that is a Nicaraguan puro made by Tony Borhani. The wrapper is a 3 year aged corojo wrapper with 5 year aged long fillers from 3 Nicaraguan provinces: Jalapa, Esteli and Leon. The cigars are then aged for 180 days in cedar to let the three distinct tobaccos merge flavors.

Bahia Blu

The cigar comes in three different vitolas:


The wrapper has a nice mocha color to it and is relatively smooth. There are a few large veins in the cigar. I hope these don’t affect the smoking of the cigar. The cap is rather rough also, but held together nicely when I cut. That’s really all that matters.

Pre-light aroma and draw:

The draw is a very free. I’m going to have to watch this cigar to make sure I don’t get it too hot. It’s not too free though. A little like drinking through a straw. The wrapper has a barnyard smell or like the stockyard. Not….well, not too poop like, but more like a livestock and hay smell. The draw has hints of this along with some toasty tobacco notes and earth.

First third:

The barnyard is there. It’s not unpleasant actually. It’s like a stockyard smell mixed with some hints of fresh coffee. There is the tell-tell Nicaraguan pepper on the back of the palette, but just a hint. All these flavors come on in small waves and then meld together quite nicely. The burn is a little off, but I’m smoking outside and it’s pretty windy on the Mississippi Gulf Coast today so I attribute it to that and not the cigar.

first third

Second third:

Ok, this cigar just jumped up several notches on the tasty scale. There is a natural sweetness to it now along with the other flavors. I believe it tastes like the cinnamon covered nuts you get in the cone bags, usually in the mall. Another BOTL described it like white chocolate macadamia nuts. I can see that as well, but for me, there is more of a spice flavor that I more associate with cinnamon. Whatever it is, it’s very nice and I’m really into this cigar now.


Final Third:

The sweetness and spices have taken over and dominate everything now. There is a stronger hint of coffee on the finish. The pepper has died down and I have to concentrate now to detect it. There is a nice cedar taste that comes on in the finish that is pretty nice. It’s like the cigar revs up to the spicy sweetness on the finish. Pretty impressive.

(sorry for this crappy pic!)


Overall Impressions:

I’m pretty damn impressed with this cigar. This is bundle cigar? Seriously? The way it burned, the aroma, the taste and the loads of smoke it put off hints at a cigar that has a much higher price point. It’s a medium cigar that leans some to the mild side. The flavors are just great to me. It’s a constant progression from start to finish that shows this cigar is well blended. The robusto bundle is only $29 for 20. You can’t beat that with a stick. I high recommend this cigar. Definitely go out and get you a bundle. You won’t be disappointed.

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These cigars are great…..

Nice review. I have a couple in the humi but have not smoked. From what I’ve heard around, this may be the best bargain stick out there. I will have to try one very soon.

Looks like I’m gonna get some of these sooner rather than later. Nice review Ben.

After burning & giving away 40 of the Bahia Blu Torpedo’s I have ordered an additional 100 of them. These are great sticks for the price. Grab em while you can b4 they are gone since they are closing them out!

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