Blind Review No. 2

The second installment of our blind review has been long overdue.  Blind reviews are great for a number of reasons, first of which being the eliminate any bias from the panel.  A review like this can also be helpful when you’re trying to educate your palate by picking out different nuances that are specific to either a region, country or brand.



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I hope you guys keep doing these blind reviews! I really like the idea and I believe it will actually help you guys out also with your palettes!! Hmmm, maybe I should start doing this so I stop tasting burning leaves with each cigar :)


We should take bets on whether you guys will guess it right or not :)

Nice work guys.

Really like the blind reviews. Keep doing them!!!

Nice blind review, I’d never get one right. Also thanks for the great cigars!

I like these blind reviews…Nice Blind Ash! That doesn’t make sense!


I finally got a chance to watch this. Nice job. Those would have been hard to guess.

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