Blind Review No. 1

Trying something a bit different this week, and doing a blind review. We each picked out a cigar, took the band off, and gave it to the other with no clues as to what was what. We sat down, smoked them, and tried to figure out what the mystery sticks were.

In addition to the cigars, we talk about the Black Band Project, some of the analysis of it, and what else we’ve been smoking. No clues as to what the cigars were, you’ve got to wait until the end.

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Great idea guys. pretty interesting to see when you don’t have any of the bias that you sometimes get when you know the brand

this was cool guys!


I love them DPG Blues! By the way you were describing the flavors I could tell it was the blue!

Love blind reviews! Definitely have to do more. Maybe accept some unbanded sticks from your readers and give them a go????

Keep up the great work boys!


If you’re volunteering to send something our way, be our guest!

You guys are good. I think I’d look to silly trying to guess the cigar I was smoking without a band.

Good job guys. I like the blind review. Also, good commentary between.

Nice video guys, I like the blind tasting reviews.
Keep up the good work!

Nice vid guys!

That’s an awesome idea! Thanks for the vid.

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Hey Charlie, I saw you use the cap as an identifying factor in trying to figure out what the cigar was. Can that lead to clues about who makes the cigar? I’ve never heard anyone look at the cap as a means of identification before.


It’s fairly rare for non-Cubans. When Don Pepin left the island, he brought that technique with him and insists all of his cigars are made with it despite it being more labor intensive. (Check out Jerry’s latest 23 Minutes w/ Pete video on Stogie Review for more on this). Since he started using this style, more companies have started using it, but it’s still not a standard for non-Cubans.

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