Camacho 10th Anniversary Corojo Torpedo


I was gifted this cigar by a friend of mine on I love Camacho cigars, especially the Diploma so I was excited to try this. The 10th Anniversary is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Camacho cigars and was created by Christian Eiroa. The corojo used in the 10th Anniversary editions are the only authentic Cuban corojo available according to Camacho. The wrapper, binder and filler all use this authentic corojo for a medium to full body. The cigar comes in 4 sizes:

Torpedo – (6” x 54)

Let’s see how the cigar measures up.


The cigar has two really ornate bands. The top band has gold foil accents with the Camacho “C” in the middle with a black background. The top and bottom of the band has copper backgrounds. The bottom band is the same way with “10th Anniversary” and “Edicion Limitada” inscribed in black. The wrapper of the cigar is a nice chocolate brown with a HUGE vein running along the bottom. I REALLY hope that doesn’t screw up my smoking of this cigar. That cap is well wrapped and the rest of the wrapper looks really good.


Pre-Light Draw

The smell of the wrapper has sweet, earthy notes, but in the background, it has a smell of old wood. It’s hard to explain, but kind of like finding an old pile of lumber in a barn. The foot has similar smells, but the earthiness is WAY stronger here. On the draw, I get a subdued sweet earthiness. It’s pretty nice.

First Third

The cigar gives off a large amount of smoke. The cigar has a really nice toasty nuts flavor to it that reminds me of hazelnuts. There is an underlying sweetness also with nice hints of coffee. Pepper appears on the back of the palette. At first, it was a little too much, but after the first half of inch to an inch was burned off, it mellowed down quite a bit and really accents the cigar well. The retrohale gives a nice raw sugar flavor that is quite enjoyable. I can’t fully retrohale this cigar because it’s just a bit much, but if I blow some out of my mouth first and finish with a retrohale, it’s quite enjoyable.


Second Third

The second third isn’t much different from the first third except the nuttiness is really subdued now. The sweetness is still there, but I am picking two new flavors. One is like old leather. It’s quite interesting. The other, to me, reminds me of a whiskey sour. That’s the best way I can explain it. I’m not much for whiskey sours, but the flavor in the cigar, combined with the sweetness, leather and hints of coffee is pretty damn good.


Final Third

This cigar is something else. Now, the cigar is giving me a strong wild cherry note. Amazing. Didn’t see that coming. No, wait. Scratch that. CHOCOLATE covered wild cherries. Yep. That’s it. Coffee and leather note has pretty much gone. The sweetness is the only flavor that stayed the entire length of the cigar. It’s like a raw sugar sweetness too.


Overall Impression

I really enjoyed this cigar and I will be on the lookout for more of these. The beautiful sienna brown color with the ornate bands and box press really make this cigar stand out. The flavors really make this cigar nub worthy. I like a natural sweetness in my cigars as long as it not overwhelming. This Camacho did it right. The sweet note was the base note and was subdued behind the nuttiness, leather, coffee and, yes, hints of a whiskey sour and wild cherry notes, even though they didn’t last as long as the others. If you see these in your B&M or find them for a good deal on line, grab them. I sure will.

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Nice sounding smoke, cept for the pepper at first. Also, i hope the sweetness isnt as bad as say an Isla Del Sol or any of those! Nasty sweet, that was!

Is this a limited edition type of deal or will it be basically everywhere? Be nice if anywhere close would get them for me to try!


Hey Mike,

Yes, you can get them from B&Ms and online retailers. No, the sweetness is not a cloying sweetness, but more subdued, subtle, natural sweetness. It fits the cigar well. Definitely try it out.

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