CAO Escaparate Costa Rican Maduro

This review is number 100 here at Nice Tight Ash. To celebrate, our newest sponsor Corona Cigar Company has agreed to sponsor a contest. So, I’m smoking a Corona Cigar exclusive, the CAO Escaparate Costa Rican Maduro belicoso.

I paired the cigar with some Costa Rican coffee from Black Dog Coffee, talk about our first 9 months of operation, and give details on how to enter the contest.

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Great review. I just do not agree with companies releasing these limited things like this, but that is my opinion ;)

My favorite review hands down is the My Father with Our Fathers – that was awesome to have your fathers’ on the video also!


CONGRATS on 100!!!! Cant wait to see even more great reviews from all of you guys!

excellent review! I’ve had a couple of the CAO CRs and wish they wern’t so hard to find…

I have to go with the same as Mike above, the My Father with Our Fathers review was just plain old fun to watch :)

Heres to another 100 reviews! Best of Luck!

-Jim B

Great review! Happy 100th!Look forward to trying the CAO Escaparate! I’m sure it’s as good as all of the Cao line! My favorite review was the “my fathers” review! I lost my dad in 1997.I would have loved to be able to share a cigar and some time with him again! Thanks!

Excellent review. Enjoy CAO cigars. Will have to get some from Corona cigar soon. Hope they ship to Puerto Rico. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations guys on your 100th review!

I think my favorite review was My Father with our Fathers. I know it is not the first vote for it, but it was a cool thing to do.

The FIRST review that brought me here was the Black Band Project, but the one that made me a reg’lar was the Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Maduro, not so much for the review per se, but for the history and sentiment. Keep up the good work!

That’s a good lookin’ cigar! Gonna mail order some. I wonder why they chose the name “Escaparate”? Escaparates are the cooling cabinets the freshly rolled cigars are stored in. Well, my favorite review was La Aurora de Cuba Edicion Especial #3 only because of the misquote. Great site guys! Keep ’em comin’.

nice review what are all the cigars in the Escaparate collection? Fuente Opus X xXx Belicoso “Power Ranger” is my favorite review,for the cigar is very rare and i have not had one myself.

Congrats on the 100th review. You guys always do an excellent job. My favorite review was of the Illusione hl. That review got me started on Illusione and now I can’t get enough of them. Thanks for taking the time to do the reviews!

Congrats on the 100th review!
My favorite review was the El Triunfador. I never really expanded into the lancer, but after watching this review I got one of these and really enjoyed it a lot. It is one of my favorite cigars with great taste. Since then I have a nice stock of lanceros in my humidors.
Keep up the good work!

Congrats on the the 100th review. My favorite review was the Padron Londres cheap ash review by Brian. Keep up the good work!

Great review.
I have to say the review of the Saint Luis Rey Series G. There my goto cigar and I think the review was right on. Please keep up the good work.

Congratulations on review 100!

Your reviews are always good, but “My Father with Our Fathers” really stands out. Mark it down as my favorite!

Keep up the great job!

Great 100th, and many more to come! Fave review was the Padron Londres maddie cuz I smoke one almost every day and it was good to see some love for the El cheapo. LOL

Nice review. Congrats on the 100th!
I have two favorites. The first one one from just a few days ago the Padron Londres because it’s nice to see a cheaper cigar reviewed that is also a good smoke. My second and probably overall favorite is the Opus X review.
He was so passionate about it and seemed to enjoy it so much.

I was looking forward to this Costa Rican Maduro review but disappointed it is one of the pricier cigars and difficult to obtain. Good review though, and when I am actually able to afford to buy at this price it will be a tough decision.
As for my favorite review, it would have to be one of the Cheap Ash reviews of course. I really appreciate those. The best of the lot being the recent episode #98 – Padron Londres Maduro. Thanks.

I can agree with everyone that the My Father review is probably the best so far, but I’m casting my vote for the underdog new guy. Because I’m such a fan of Padron and cheap, I will say Brian’s Cheap Ash: Padron Londres gets my vote. Also, it made me pick some up the next day.

Another My Father vote from me. Great review. Always appreciate the insight on new smokes. Congrats on 100! Heres to 100 more. Cheers!

Interesting to check out these reviews of your reviews. Now I can go back and listen to other fan favs.

Great review and congrats on 100.

My favorite was the Illusione HL. I immediately bought some afterwards.

I too liked the My Father review.
I’m a huge fan of CAO smokes and like many others out there wish some of these exclusive blends weren’t so hard to find or so expensive.

Excellent review and congratulations on your 100th. My favorite review to date was Brian’s review of the Padron Londres maduro. Confirmed what I thought, not much to look at, good smoke and well worth the price!

I hate to sound like a broken record here but I also like the My Father review. I smoked one of them with my dad on fathers day and if I was as smart as you guys I would have fired up the camera.

Congrats on your 100th review!!

good review.

my favorite review has to be the one you and chris did of the frank, and ill tell you why, the frank is near impossible to get thus not many would post a review, however i apreciate the fact that you did the review for two reasons. 1. you gave me 2 diffrent perspectives on the cigar, and 2. it gave me some insight if the cigar is really worth the 40-60+ dollars in some circles if you can find someone who is willing to let one go. it made me feel like you guys are willing to do a review no matter if its a cheap cigar, and expensive cigar, or one that isnt redaily available. which is nice because it causes us the consumers to pay closer attention to the marked making us more intrested in rare products by botique manufactures. great job guys your going to go far in the cigar review realm.

Honestly, I’ve loved them all, but since I have to pic a fave, it would be the My Father. You really made me want to get one for myself and my father.

My favorite review so far has been the Kristoff corojo torpedo… While it wasn’t a video review, Ben did a bang up job on the review. However in my opinion he needs to do an update with another one as that last part of the cigar he had some issues with I have never had one any Kristoff.

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