CAO Habano

The Escaparate in CAO‘s Nashville, Tennessee headquarters is a wonderland of unreleased treats, limited release gems, and special edition treasures. One of sticks to come through the looking glass of this tobacco wonderland is the CAO Habano, exclusive to Havana Connections locations in the Richmond, Virginia area and Emerson’s of Norfolk, VA. Chris and I followed the white rabbit to the shop I work at, the Tobacco Barn, to light them up and record our impressions.

Like another cigar from the Escaparate, the CAO MX3 reviewed by Jerry from Stogie Review, if you order a five pack of CAO Habanos from Havana Connections (1-866-561-0344) or Emerson’s (1-800-842-2990) you get a nice New Era CAO Habano hat. Oh, and Chris being half off camera in the first segment is my fault.

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Nice stuff guys! I am waiting on my 5 pack to show up. I can’t wait to review em.

Great review guys…

nice review I just might have to get myself some of those

Thanks for the review and now I’m going to give them a call for a 5er of these.

I love it man! Thanks!

Very nice review guys! I dont think this will be anything I will try soon though ;) If the opus X killed me, then I believe this would do considerable damage

Cant wait for the next video!!


Awesome video review guys. I picked up a robusto fiver and cap from Emerson’s a few weeks back. I totally agree about the sweetness and spice. I loved it and will definitely have to get my hands on some belicoso. Thanks for the great review.

Nice review guys! Short and to the point. I like it.

Great review guys! It sounds like a very tasty smoke, but I’ll probably have to pass for a little while.

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