CAO Lx2 Lancero

The Lx2 is the latest cigar from CAO, and it’s been highly anticipated. We have chosen the limited edition lancero size for our first video review, and headed out to Chris’s garage, aka “The Office,” to try it out.

This is our first video and it may be a little roughly edited, but bear with us. We go over the cigar, our February contest, how the site is going, and give thanks to all the folks who have helped us get started: Jerry, Walt, and Brian from Stogie Review, Dennis from The Cigar Spy, Denis from Cigar Inspector, and Justin from Las Vegash TV. Charlie gives some tips on lighting with matches, and on his beer pick, Lancaster Brewing Company‘s Hop Hog IPA.

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Nice review guys! Video turned out better than my first attempt so you’re ahead of the curb! Keep them coming.

I was wondering how you felt about doing a video? Did you feel like it took longer? I love videos. I think they take a little more time than just writing but once you have your own system, its like clock work.

It was the first time I had ever used iMovie, so that added some time to the process. But, I think once I get the editing part down it will be better than a written review. You’re creating content while you’re doing the smoking rather than just taking notes and pictures, and writing later. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it a regular part of the site. The quality from the Flip was better than I thought.

Nice vid you guys

Great review guys…..

Awesome first go at a video, guys! I have an LX2 resting in my humidor…looking forward to firing it up!

Looking forward to watching more of these!

Thanks for mentioning me, it was a real pleasure :)
Keep it up!

Great video review. looking forward to more!!

Nice review, especially for the first one!
One point of ‘critique’…it seems to me that the camera was a bit tilted (look at the garagedoor you see what I mean)…
Sorry for my bad explanation, English is not my main language…
But besides the critics I really liked the review! Keep it going!

Great review! The Lx2 is one of my current favorites but have yet to try the lancero. Gotta do it now. Keep up the great work!

Excellent first video! I remember my first one, felt weird talking to the camera, at least you two had each other.

Keep it up!

Great video review, especially considering it was your first go at a video review! Keep them coming.

I need to get some of these cigars because everyone seems to have only good things to say about them.

Oh, I gotta say I loved the intro music.

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

@Travis – The song is “Smoke Laden Room” by Bear from I love that last line: “Wasted my youth in a smoke laden room.”

I thought this was a great video, first one or not. I hope you keep doing them! It is always easier having someone there to bail you out. Doing them solo feels strange to me at least. Guys like Jerry, Walt, Justin, they can handle it. Me, not so much (although more are coming soon).

Glad I stumbled upon your site. I’ll be baaack!


nice review charlie!


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[…] CAO Lx2 Lancero – view page – cached The Lx2 is the latest cigar from CAO, and it's been highly anticipated. We have chosen the limited edition lancero for our first video review. — From the page […]

Fired up the Toro…Love the look and size.. Ok burn..Very heady buzz that stuck around and hour after smoke. Tasted great with a cup of coffee, but little harsh toward the end. Very earthy with not to much change in flavor.
Fun smoke but not one I would smoke again due to the lingering buzz..


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