Accessory Reviews

Commonwealth Cedar Spills

A few months back, I was listening to Kiss My Ash Radio and they had a trivia question to win prizes. The question was “What was Rocky Patel’s company’s first name?”. Well, I knew that right off the bat seeing I had smoked many of those cigar when I first got into enjoying  cigars. I […]

Xistix Cigar Clip and Stand

If you are like me, you smoke cigars in various places. Or there are times when you really want to “nub out” a great cigar. Sometimes this can be more of a pain than a joy (that smoking a cigar should be). Either you are sitting out in the yard and need to lay down […]

Perfecto Cigar Holder

Every now and then, I come across an idea or product and said to myself “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I thought of that, and didn’t pursue the idea and should have.” That is the case with the Perfecto Cigar Holder. The Perfecto Cigar Holder is a 100% American made product that is steered […]

The Cigar Clip

Have you ever had a cigar that was so good you smoked to the nub and literally burnt your fingers? Well today the idea of “burnt digits” is over with The Cigar Clip! I have seen many new and unique cigar accessories come out over the last few years. From notebooks to write down your […]

Humidor Notes Cigar Journals

“TO REMEMBER THE DETAILS OF YOUR CIGAR ENJOYMENT“  I’ve seen a few ways here and there where people try to keep track of the cigars that they smoke. From Excel spreadsheets, Phone Apps, to spiral bound notebooks. But none ever seemed to work for me. Either it was too involved to get set up or […]

Winston Humidor

Around late August I received the Winston Humidor from 1st Class Cigar Humidors. They gave me this humidor in exchange for my review. Since that time I’ve been paying close attention to a few different aspects and now feel that I’m ready to give my assessment of this humidors form and function. Details Size: 16-3/4″ […]

Bugatti B-1 Lighter

One of my most obsessive quests in my cigar smoking journey is the quest to find a reliable lighter. How hard is that, you say? Very damn hard. I can’t tell you how many lighters I have. Everything from gas station specials to my beloved ST Dupont X-tend. The problem is that most rarely work […]

Xikar Ultra Cutter & Lighter

The Xikar Ultra Lighter and Cutter combination earns high marks for both form and function, and is a must buy for cigar smokers.

Zippo BLU Lighter

Zippo is a name that even non-smokers have known for a long time. Their fluid-based lighters have been well-known and well-respected since they opened up in 1932. But the fluid used tends to leave a bad taste when used to light cigars. A couple of years ago the company introduced the new Zippo BLU lighter which uses butane for fuel. Our good friends and sponsor over at sent us one to try out.

Lotus 20

The Lotus 20 lighter features a wind resistant triple flame, 8mm cigar punch, fuel window and electronic quartz ignition. I’ve used this lighter for about a month in an attempt to get a good idea of how well the lighter performs. With well over 100 cigars lit and numerous refills it’s time to let you […]