Cheap Ash: Casa Fuego Toro

The Casa Fuego is a budget friendly stick from the maker of the well received J. Fuego Delirium, Grand Reserve Corojo No. 1, and the new 777 Corojo that Ben recently reviewed here. It is a Nicaraguan Puro rolled in Honduras. From what I can gather, this line is exclusive to Cigars International and they can be found all over CI’s auction site, You may wonder how this qualifies as a cheap ash review when retail at CI is just over $4/stick. Well, I put it in this category because these sticks are constantly available on cigarbid for under $40/box. With that being said, is this stick worth the patience it sometimes takes on cigarbid to get it at that low of a price? Let’s find out…

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Great review. I agree these are pretty good for the money. I’m running out and need to get some more. Keep up the good work.

Great review man. I might give some a try sometime! For under $50 a box, I could always bomb them away if I dont like em! I think I might prefer some sweetness also. I know a lot of cigars that dont have any sweetness at all tend to dry my mouth out for some reason – maybe cause I am weird, dunno.


I tried these a couple months back, and didn’t enjoy them at all. Very harsh. Maybe with some time the other couple that I got from Cigar Fest will have mellowed out. Nice review.

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I had a eight pack sampler and I had to age the last four as they were pretty harsh by any standard. Aging seemed to help and I have one more. I think they have a lot of potential if the peppery part of this cigar could be mellowed out.

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