Cigar Journal: Miraculous Templar Cigars

I was contacted a while back by David Rafaeli about his new line of cigar the Miraculous Templar Cigars. There’s a story behind the name for the cigar, and instead of reiterating it here, I’ll just point to to their website. For this “review” I’ve only smoked one of each of the cigars listed below. So my thoughts are skewed a bit considering my limited experience.

Sumatra Natural

Name: Sumatra Natural
Company: Miraculous Templar Cigars
Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Unknown
Comes in: Box of 50
Vitola: Toro (6″ x 50)

The Sumatra wrapper is a medium shade of brown and felt a little dry. The veins in the wrapper were small and barely tangible. The filler tobacco felt as though it was evenly bunched and was held together with a nicely applied wrapper. One interesting thing about this cigar is the fact that it came pre-punched. This is somehitng I can’t ever remember seeing in the premium cigar market. The aroma off the foot was classic tobacco and the wrapper had a sweet smell that was reminiscent of sugar cookies.

The draw coming from the pre-punched cigar was free and produced ample amounts of smoke. Unfortunately the favorable draw didn’t deliver a desirable flavor profile at first, as I found the first half inch to be harsh. After burning through the rough part the cigar began to mellow out and deliver a more palatable variety of flavors. Hints of roasted marshmallows, sweet hay and bitter coffee took over and became the backbone for the remainder of the cigar. Towards the end a slight cinnamon spice element became present through my nose and remained undetectable on my palate.

Performance wise the the MT Sumatra burned evenly and left a sturdy ash that only required tapping every one and a half inches. No touch ups were required to maintain a straight burn and the cigar drew as well at the end as it did in the beginning.

Granted I only smoked one sample of the MT Sumatra so this review shouldn’t hold too much weight. That said, the MT Sumatra reminded me a lot of some of the mass produced bundled cigars you’ll find through many of the online retailers. I’d place this cigar in the mild to medium-bodied category with minimal flavor. The cigar was pretty one dimensional and lacked any wow factor. I don’t think this is the kind of cigar I’d pull out after a big satisfying meal, rather a cigar I’d burn while mowing the lawn.


Name: Maduro
Company: Miraculous Templar Cigars
Wrapper: Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Unknown
Comes in: Box of 50
Vitola: Churchill (6.75 x 50)

Th wrapper was slightly more veiny than the Sumatra and yielded a heavy aroma of barnyard; most significantly manure. Construction was on par with the other cigar as well and was finished off with a pre-punched head which still perplexes me.

Much like the Sumatra version the MT Maduro burned evenly and had a perfect draw. However, there were less favorable aspects to the flavor. The Maduro was truly one dimensional as the only flavor I was able to pick out was an overly bitter nuttiness that required me to take regular sips from a sweet carbonated beverage. In the interest of science I smoked as much of this cigar as I could but only made it a bit past the halfway point.

I don’t really like saying too much bad stuff about a cigar I’ve only smoked once, but in the case of the MT Maduro I can foresee much difference in one sample from 10 samples. But I’ve been wrong before so I’d like to hear the input of others that have tried these cigars before below in the comments. It’s certainly not my intention to bash a new brand so any positive comments below could go a long way into evening out my review.

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Reviewers should always keep in mind price point. That’s why Car and Driver doesn’t review a Honda and expect it to drive like a Ferrari — and then complain when it doesn’t do 0-60 in under 4 seconds. MT Cigars are great smokes for the price, which is why lots of people buy and like them.

MT Cigars

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