Today I’m smoking a cigar from Cortez Cigars. Cortez Cigars is a small company that has a family history in both growing and rolling tobacco. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of this company, but since my local Tinder Box was selling them for $5.00 a piece I figured it was worth a try.

Name: Cortez
Company: Cortez Cigars
Wrapper: Brazilian Olor Maduro
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Dominican Criollo 98
Price: ~$5
Comes in: Box of 25
Vitola: Robusto (5 x 50)


Construction can’t get much better than this. The Cortez is flawless. The wrapper is uniformly colored, the wrapper seams are nearly invisible and the tobacco is bunched evenly. The wrapper was a medum shade of brown reminiscent a coffee with light creamer. Pre-light aroma was full of sweet hay aromas with hints of manure. In addition to having a solid feel the Cortez was both oily and smooth to the touch. Now it’s time to cut the head and fire up the cigar.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed smoking these cigars. Out of the five samples I smoked there wasn’t one that disappointed me. Construction was right on par with many of the premium cigar out on the market today. Also, the flavors were rich and complex. But What I felt was the best aspect of this cigar was the fact that I could tell the tobacco was well aged. I would completely recommend spending you hard earned dollars on these cigars, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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5 clams seems *totally* reasonable for what you describe.

So many ‘gars, so little time!

I have never seen the Cortez line around here, I will have to hunt one down.

Xcellent review!

Sometimes price does not indicate quality…usually, but not always! Good find!

One of those few amazing budget smokes. I’d love o find some!

Thanks for the review, Chris. Another smoke for the “must try” list!

Another good cigar review, It’s a must tried cigar. It will be harder to get my hand on these cigars in the southern states.

[…] Cortez […]

I have never seen this cigar before but it looked great. What was the size?

Chris, thank you for the review! You are correct about the aging it is 5 years on the filler and 7 years on the wrapper. We are located in Shrewsbury, NJ and we have a factory in Dom. Republic as well. We distribute in tobacco shops in DC, MD, VA area as of yet and looking to expand into 2011 nationally. Since we manufacture and sell ourselves this keeps costs down which we can then pass on to the customer in actuality the tobacco we use is quite expensive and high quality. Our place in Shrewsbury is a factory and a store and we sell online. We do sell boxes not just bundles so I will update the shopping cart for easier transactions. Thank you again!

Great review Chris, sounds like a winner and a must try.

Is this available only online? Any B&M’s in the Chicagoland area?

According to Jennifer Cortez this cigar is currently only in B&M’s in Maryland, DC and Virginia. However, they are hoping to begin national distribution next year.

Thanks for the review. I hope they make it out to the desert some time soon.

Heh: you guys taking the weekend off?!?

BTW: I *still* love that lighter!

For $5 I’d love to try one! They sound good. I would love a nice aged taste.

I like finding a cigar thats a good bargin and a good smoke. I’ll have to check out my tinderbox for some. Thanks Chris.

Thanks for the review.

Sound good
Feelin Lucky…come on black 31

Nice review.I cant be sure but I think I have seen these at my local b&m here in Va.Next time I go in I’ll pick one up if so.

Am I a bad person for wondering what “Jennifer Cortez” looks like…?

Wow sounds great, will have to try these… Thanks Chris for the review…

Great review. A brand I’ve never heard of and based on their online store a reasonable price.

I’ll have to see about getting some.

Great review! Keep up the great work!

I just recently was introduced to Cortez cigars two weeks ago by my cousin Timmy who smokes tons of Cortez cigars after our hockey game…I have been back three times already…and I live in Brooklyn,NY…Cortez is located in South Jersey…Easton (new location)…The first Cortez I smoked was a shaggy…I lit it up and was blown away with the taste…What really drew to the cigar was the look of it…shaggy at the head…reminded me or an old world roll…I told my cousin I have to get some…he left me with another shaggy….which I smoked at 12:45 am!…I couldnt get the cigar off my mind…that’s how good it was. But I recently bought some Ceniza’s…which again are excellent. These guys at Cortez hav an excellent product and by their craftmanship a ton of pride! They are now my go to cigar…

Thank you for the Review Chris!!
We Have great news currently have a NEW Cortez Location that has Open in Maryland with Indoor Smoking Lounge, Wifi, Sports Channels and 30+ blends and our New Jersey Location has a New and Bigger Home… here is where you can find us.. If we still too far.. you can find a store that carries Cortez or we can always ship

Cortez Cigars Lounge and Store
971 Thayer Avenue
SIlver Spring, MD 20910

Cortez Cigars New Jersey
152 Highway 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724

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