Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo

Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo

The Cuba Aliados Miami is a new cigar blend that Reyes Family Cigars has unveiled this year to much anticipation. Created by Rolando Reyes Sr. and Carlos Diez, this blend is somewhat of a departure from their regular line as it is rolled in Miami in small batches. I asked Frankie Santos of Reyes Cigars what makes the Miami special:

“The Miami has great Cuban cigar rollers, the best rollers on earth, and making something of that caliber, in small batches, the blend and outcome is incredible.”

The cigar features a Habano wrapper, Dominican binder and Nicaraguan filler. The cigar is currently offered in 3 sizes:

Let’s see how it smokes.


The Miami has a nice mocha brown wrapper with a toothy appearance. It has a nice oily sheen that gives the wrapper a nice glimmer in the light. The cap is well constructed and you can barely see the seams of the cap. This cigar is very well made.

Pre-Light Draw

The draw is a little loose, but the flavors are coming on strong. The cigar is giving nice flavors of toasty tobacco and sweet hay. There is also a nice earth note which is stronger on the foot.

First Third

The first third of the cigar comes on strong with notes of pepper, leather and a sweet spice with hints of cream. The sweet spice is strong on the retrohale. The cigar has a long finish with the leathery notes being the most dominate. The cigar produces a ton of smoke which I really appreciate.

Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo - First Third

Second Third

The second third is much like the first, but I’m getting a strong woody note that is quite pleasant. The creaminess has also picked up a notch. The cigar has really smoothed out make it even more enjoyable of a smoke. I swear I also pick up the faintest hint of cinnamon on the finish.

Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo - Second Third

Final Third

The cigar actually seems stronger, more full bodied now. I detect some notes of dried cherry now along with stronger sweet spice, leather and cream notes. Wood notes are still there, but they dissipate quickly.

Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo - Final Third

Overall Impressions

The Cuba Aliados Anniversary Short was my favorite cigar of the line….until this cigar. Reyes has quite a gem here. Good flavors throughout this cigar. It’s definitely a full body cigar, but it’s not overwhelming. The pepper, leather, sweet spice and woody notes with hints of cream really make this a nice, flavorful cigar. The hint of dried cherry on the end was really unexpected, but nice. These flavors really complement each other. Reyes Family Cigars definitely has a winner here. This cigar is very limited so I will be trying to stock up on these. If you have these in your local B&M, do yourself a favor and pick up a few. You won’t be disappointed.

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Totally agree with the review. Nothing like any other Reyes smoke,which is a great thing to my palette. Highly recommended.

I thought these came in cameroon not habano – see how much I know..LOL

nice review! I will still have to find these and give some a try!


Nice review. I have heard so many good things about this cigar. Must find some to try.

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Thanks for the review. I haven’t really been blown away by any Reyes family cigars. Maybe this one will do it.

Nice Review!!!! These are definatley on my try list. I have a couple Reyes cigar in my humi that I have been meaning to smoke for a long time.

Keep up the good work!

[…] Ben from Nice Tight Ash tries Cuba Aliados Miami Toro Viejo. […]

This is the best stick I’ve ever tried from this company. They are not quite as good as my other non-Cuban smoke, the Padron 1964, but I like a change and in that way of thinking, these are right there with the Padron. That says alot to me and I’m proud Reyes Family Cigars has this fantastic new blend. Though I have my own taste ideas the review certainly is very “spot-on”. I think these are fine sticks, try one soon.

Smoke one of these sticks this weekend. Great find! Local shop had them on sale as a two-fer deal. Needless to say, I went back to store and bought the rest of the box. A great smoke. Packaging gives the appearance something catchy. The particular stick I smoked had a very nice firm feel to it.

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