Dea Cigars

We’re smoking the Dea Rosado and Dea Double Maduro from MD Cigars in Yuma, AZ. The Dea is a long filler bundled house brand cigar for less than $5 per stick.

We also talk about how we came to find the Dea, what else we’ve been smoking, and how some companies are handling SCHIP.

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Nice review, dunno if they are right for me or not – but i might have to snag some sometime to give a try.

Schip – Gurkha said they are going to lower all their prices by 50% – LOL – ok, ok, had to have some humor in here :p


Did you hear if the Perdomo Fresco are going to be raised also?

Nice review and SCHIP info gents! On the other side of the coin of manufacturers passing on SCHIP:

Ashton:Effectively a 30-cent to 80-cent increase per cigar at MSRP level except San Cristobal and Ashton ESG, which will see no increases at this time. Effective on orders shipped to retailers as of 5/1/09

Drew Estate: 5% increase (not including SCHIP) PLUS the SCHIP tax on each box.

GURKHA: Adding $5 per box across the board effective 3/1/09

Perfect timing! Headed to Yuma for some testing n 2 wks. will be sure to stop by MD Cigar.

Nice review. Enjoying your double reviews. It’s like getting 2 reviews for the price of one.

Nice review and thanks for more bad SCHIP information. When will the madness stop!

Not only the best selection I have ever seen as far as cigar and pipe supplies, but they also have the nicest and most helpful employees I have even known in a small business. They are willing to go the extra step to help a customer with whatever they can in finding the right items and adding needed information to the “newbie” cigar and pipe smoker.

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