Don Pepin Garcia Blue Invicto

We’ve done a lot of Don Pepin’s stuff over the past year but for some reason we never did the blue label. For those veterans of the site, you know that Pepin’s Black label still ranks as my all time favorite smoke. So lets see how this Blue Label compares.

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Black. Blue. It’s back to the Johnnie Walker comparison!

As always, Don Pepin is a busy man.

Great review Brian. Although my palette atm favors the blue over the black (tried the Generoso and the 1979), I had much of the same experience as you.
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In my limited experience I also enjoyed the LADC EE and San Cristobal as compared to the cuban classic and tat havana vi. How did you like the havana vi?

AH, Love this smoke. The best thing about them is that I have had around 50 of them is that the draw, construction, a flavor are all consistent.
Great stick


Thanks, I has been waiting to see a review on the Don Pepin Gracie Blue Label. I’ve tried the Black Label Robusto 1979. I was a good stick. I am looking forward to see you’ll reviews more Don Pepin Gracie’s the new cigars…

I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but I’m not a big Don Pepin fan. Wrong place to say it, I know.

Thanks for the review, Brian. I really enjoy the Blue, but the Black definitely fits my taste perfectly. Keep up the Pepin reviews!

Nice review. I have never had the blue label, but I have tried the black. It was a bit strong for me. I love the pepper taste in cigars for some reason, even though I do not use it on any of my food.

I will have to give this one a try.

Would you say this is milder than the black, same, or stronger?


Thanks Guys!

Jim – Not a terrible thing to say. Many of Pepin’s offerings have a general profile which definately doesn’t appeal to all smokers.

Mike – I would say the blue is milder than the black. Both relatively full but more spice in the black. The blue just seems a bit more refined.

Great review! I didn’t particularly care for this cigar myself though.

Nice review Brian. I enjoy the DPG Blue Invictos and Generosos, although I’m always torn between the Black Label and the Blue Label. Everyone should have some space for these cigars in their humidors. Keep on smoking.

I find that many of the DPG lines are often a bit too bold for my palate. On the other hand, I used to smoke nothing but Connecticut shade wrapped cigars and have lately branched into more adventurous sticks. Maybe I’ll have to give one a try again!

Is it me or did they change the wrapper on them.?? When they first came out the wrapper was light brown, now the ones in my humidor with the new label on them are almost milk chocolate…. Anyway, still a great smoke. I think when I first had them when the came out years ago, the pepper blast in the begining was a bit much for me, but now I find it enjoyable. Nice review.

These are great smokes. I find them incredibly consistent, and the blue matches my taste quite well.

BTW: I didn’t comment on the production values. The beginning of this partickler review is gettin’ all fancy-like. Impressive! (Unless I am just ignorant of how easy this all is…). Not knockin’ the rest of the review (it is, after, the CONTENT we crave), but the frontspiece made me expect angle shots, action shots, etc…

DPG Blue is my favorite of the man’s own line of smokes (although there are a few that he makes for others that I prefer a bit…601 Red & Cubao being the two that spring to mind quickest). I’d rather smoke a DPG Blue than a My Father, to be honest…better flavor, less money.

Nice review, sir. I like the DPG Blue, but I’d take a Black Label any day over the blue.

Nice review.I prefer the black label over the blue but both are great smokes.

Probably my fav DPG stick. Nice review!

Good review Brian. I agree , woody and spicy. I love it! This is by far a better cigar than the Black Label ! More complex and flavorful. Less pepper and more rounded woody flavors. Keep up the good work Brian.

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I smoked one of these for the first time in a while a few weeks ago. I forgot how much I love them. Like you, the Black Label is my favorite DPG, and I kept reaching for those over the Blues. It made me remember I need to smoke the Blues more often.

Haven’t tried Don Pepin’s… thank you for the Blue review… i prefer medium to full smokes so ill try these.

Nice review Brian! I’m like you, love the Blacks but the Blues are a very tasty too! Love the spice but appreciate the overall balance!! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the review, the Blue Label Invictos is probably my favorite Don Pepin Cigar of all time. With you and a couple others talking so highly about the Black label, I think I am going to have to go and try them again. I would love to see a review that takes into account how this, and other cigars, age. I know that Don Pepin cigars definitely benefit from some age, but it would be great to see 3, 6, and 12 month reviews.

A nice review, as always. I love most Pepin products. The first cigar that I fell in love with was the Pepin JJ. I know you reviewed the JJ maduro (which I dont like, go figure), but I would love to see a review from you on the regular JJ series!!! I tend to smoke more full bodied cigars nowadays, but going back to this one reminds me how important finesse is in a great cigar.

As to those who don’t like Pepin, great. More for me to smoke!

when you’re talking of the black label – are you talking about the Cuban Classic?

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