Elogio Habano Edicion Limitada Salomon

Several months back, Armando Ortiz, owner of Crescent City Cigars in New Orleans, told me about an exciting new cigar line he had started carrying.  He was amazed by the quality of the cigars and the great flavor.  That new cigar line is Elogio Cigars.  I had heard a little bit about them before Armando told me about them, but I knew relatively nothing about them.  They have two lines:  LSV and Habano.  Just recently, they extended this to included an edicion limitada version of both.  For this review, I had my friend Roger help me out as we both purchased the salomon version of this cigar to smoke while we were at the shop last time.  I couldn’t find out the blend information because Elogio is keeping that secret, but Armando did tell me later that the blend is different from the regular LSV and Habano lines, but with the same wrapper.  The cigar smoked great and, even with the different blend, I did pick up some of the same flavors from the regular Habano line.  This salomon smoked relatively fast as it took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes to smoke it.  Check out the video for the full review.


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Great review…Thank you for your kind words and your great passion…

I saw the video and noticed that you did not have any information about the blend.

The blend for Salomon Habano Edicion Limitada is as follows:
Filler: Seco Condega, Viso Jalapa, Ligero Esteli
Binder: Habano Viso Jalapa
Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

I know it is too late, but I hope it helps.

Keep up the good work and happy smoking!

Best wishes,


This is great site. I love cigars but I never really knew where to start to educate myself. It was a pleasure to meet you Wednesday in NOLA and hang out with your crew. I will be looking around here and checking out some of the cigars you recommend.

Great meeting you too, Riley. Glad you like the site. If you ever have any questions, just shoot me an email.

Thank you Nabil. I really apprciate the information and especially the great cigars. Armando at Crescent City Cigars got us hooked on Elogio and we’ve been smoking them like crazy with him.

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