Emilio Grimalkin

Unless you active with the Twitter cigar community, you might not have heard of Emilio cigars.  Its a boutique brand that is the brain child of Gary Griffith of Delaware Cigars. I had heard a lot of chatter on Twitter about their AF1 and AF2 cigars and the word was they were very good.  While talking to a buddy of mine on Twitter, fellow Mississippian GC Puffs, Gary saw our conversation and asked me if he could get my address to send me some samples.  A few days later, a box shows up with samples of the AF1, AF2 and the Grimalkin.  I have to say, the Grimalkin band really caught my eye so I had to smoke it first.  Gary sent me one sample so this is a first impressions review.  So how did the witch’s cat smoke?  Watch the video and find out.

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Dang it! I can’t get video here! errgggg

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