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Based on a recent comment from Mark, I decided to do something a bit different this week and put up a list of favorites. These lists will be categorized by wrapper type and since the comment started when talking about the Camacho Connecticut, we’ll start there. To preface this list, there are a couple of disclaimers…The first and most obvious is that this list is based solely on my experiences. I have not even come close to smoking every Connecticut wrapped cigar out there and I look forward to continuing to search out new (to me) stuff. Also, everyone’s tastes are different and this is just my opinion of these smokes. Now, although I am mostly a full bodied cigar smoker, I thoroughly enjoy smokes of all flavor and body profiles. The Connecticut to me is a perfect smoke early in the day or on very hot days with a nice cold beverage. So let’s get to it…

Coming up with these lists always proves harder than when the thought first goes through your mind. There are so many good smokes out there that it is very difficult to narrow them down to a list. I started with 5 and decided to go to 10 based on my inability to choose just 5. The easiest choice was #1. After that it was tough.

#1 Oliva Connecticut Reserve. I absolutely love this smoke. It is a bit more full bodied than most Connies but not much and the flavor profile is just ridiculously good. A nicely balanced toasty, creamy cigar with the perfect touch of spice for this profile. It goes perfect at anytime with anything. This stick is probably in my top 5 overall. Check out the review I did of the Toro here.

#2 Perdomo Patriarch. This stick embodies my vision of a Connecticut wrapped cigar. Thick, creamy smoke and a wonderful light nutty flavor. Check out what Chris had to say about it here.

#3 Camacho. A very good nutty, toasty smoke that has a bit of kick for a Connecticut. I have had quite a few of these since my review and they have grown on me quite a bit. Doesn’t come close (in my opinion) to the Oliva but it is now up in the running for my #2 Connie. You can find my review of the Monarca here.

#4 Rocky Patel Connecticut. This is the Rocky Connie that is made for cigar.com and CI not the Vintage 1999. (Sometimes you just can’t get away from them.) This stick has a ton of nutty/woody flavor yet is very light in body. I thoroughly enjoy this stick with a strong cup of coffee.

#5 Perdomo Lot 23. An all around good smoke to me. The pepper spice up front will turn some people off but for me its goes great with the balance of the rest of the stick which has a nice woody/nutty base flavor. This cigar goes great with a ice cold pilsner on a hot day. You can see the review I did here.

#6 Gurkha Park Avenue. This may be a surprise to some but I just straight up like this stick. Is a flaky, cheap ass cigar but it has a very enjoyable, ultra light body with pleasing roasted nut flavors. Not much complexity to the stick but it provides a ton of satisfaction for very little cost. Like the Rocky, this stick is great with coffee.

#7 Nub. Another Oliva product from Sam Leccia, I am sure you are all very familiar with the Nub. The Connecticut is my favorite in the line and as I am putting this together I am a bit surprised we don’t have a review up yet so look for this one in the near future. To me the Nub Connie has more of a light cedar flavor that drives the profile and a nice mild-medium body.

#8 Devils Weed. The craziness that was the CI/Devils Weed “incident” doesn’t take away from the fact that is is a very good, creamy, woody smoke that is nice and light on the palate. These sticks consistently perform well and I think were under valued by the cigar community. Check out Charlie’s thoughts of the Devils Weed here.

#9 CAO Gold. I have yet to try the Gold Vintage from CAO but the original Gold to me stands up quite well to most Connecticut wrapped cigars on the market. The flavors are well balanced with a nutty base complimented by just a touch of a pepper spice. Creamy smoke and consistent construction really make this stick one that you can sit back, enjoy, and let your mind go. Although we don’t have a review of the Gold up on the site, you can find Ben’s review to the Gold Vintage here.

#10 Montecristo White. Probably the priciest stick of the group which makes it difficult to buy over others listed here, but based on flavor alone, this stick deserves mention. Creamy thick smoke that leave a buttery taste in you mouth compliments a nice light woody base flavor. Another great smoke with coffee but goes well with a creamy brew or smoky scotch.

Well, that’s it for my opinions of the top Connecticut Wrapped sticks that I have had the pleasure of smoking. I am interested in your thoughts of the list and what you favorites are. Tell me what I NEED to try. Look for other “Favorites” of different wrapper selections in the future but until then…Nothin’ Beats a Nice Tight Ash!

UPDATE I somehow missed a couple smokes that would probably be somewhere on this list. Those are Cabaiguan, Tabacos Baez by Don Pepin, and the Pinar Del Rio Classico Exclusivo.

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Good idea to put out a “favorites list.” I’m not a big Connecticut smoker, but one you may not have tried that is very good is the Tesa Series Finos. Others that you probably have tried but I think are good are the Perdomo 10th Anniversary and the RP Vintage 1999.

Hey Brian I like the list idea. Being a new cigar smoker I find this sort of thing very helpful. So far I’ve smoked quite a few of Gurkha Grand Reserves as well as Nat Sherman Host selection. Both are Connecticut wrapped. The Nat Sherman is straight foward, slightly sweet and pretty cheap..nice with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Hey Brian, great selections up above with some of my favorite Connecticut cigars like the Montecristo White, Patriarch and the Oliva Connecticut. A NEED to try Connecticut in my opinion is the La Flor Dominicana Premium Line; this is a flavorful cigar just like the Rocky 99 and the Oliva but slightly different.

I agree with you, the Oliva Connie is by far my favorite Connecticut wrapped cigar. It has a great flavor profile and a very accesible price point. I love the Nub Coonies and the Perdomo Lot 23 too. One that is not mentioned us the Perdomo 10th Ann. Champagne. Another good cigar for the money, in my opinion, is the Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Claro. Thanks for the info and keep on smoking.

Wow, lots of good recommendations. And of course, comments wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory “Where’s the Kristoff, man?” complaint.

No argument about the Oliva Connecticut Reserve for first place, but I like the RP American Market with the Ecuadoran Connecticut. It would be on my list somewhere.

Kudo’s on the site. Keep up the good work my BOTL.

Awesome comments guys. This is what I was looking for. I will have to keep my eyes open for the Kristoff (have only had the Maduro thus far), the JdN and the LFD connies. Thanks for the suggestions!

Awesome! This is exactly what I was thinking of when I made that suggestion. Thanks Brian!

The Oliva Connecticut was the very first cigar I ever smoked, based on the recommendation of my local B&M owner. It definitely whet my appetite for more. I’ve since moved on to the medium-full body as my favorite type of smoke, but I think that Oliva was the perfect intro. And, as you said, it’s a great early in the day smoke, sitting out on the patio with a cup of coffee.

I’ve been buying the Camacho Connecticut because of the extra kick it has, but went back today and picked up another Oliva. It’s been awhile since I gave it a run. I tried to find the Perdomo Patriarch, also, but I didn’t see it.

Lol! “The devils weed incident”. That’s the sort of thing you write when your just hammered drunk and don’t give a crap what people think. It’s undeniably the most ridiculous sales pitches I’ve ever seen. I enjoy the cigars though. And i agree with the Oliva Connecticut being number 1. It’s not your run of the mill Connecticut, and it’s very enjoyable. I tried one and bought a box.

Avo. Classic
Griffins Classic

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