Rare Ash: Figurado Reserve

For this review Chris and I smoked a cigar that hasn’t been in production for several years now. When they stopped production, one shop bought the remaining boxes, and today there’s only 2 left. Chris presented me the cigar blind, and we lit up at The Humidour, and gave it a try.

The video runs a little over 13 minutes. Chris reveals the manufacturer at the end. Find out if you should go buy one (or both) of those two remaining boxes. Be sure to check out our new sponsor, Cheap Humidors.

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Nice review. Dont think I would pick any up, just because they might be a little too strong for my comfort zone. With it being out of production, I would hate to try them and really like them, since I cant get any more once they are gone..lol


Great cigar and review. I hadn’t realized these were still available somewhere. It’s too bad my humidor is overstocked as is… Humidor purchase perhaps? I may need to check out your new sponsor…

Great review guys…I really enjoy the videos you two do together!

Have been trying to watch this for 2 days with no luck on a high speed connection.

I have been smoking these for a few years and as soon as i found out Mike at MD had them all I laid in a good supply of them. One of my top 5 favorite smokes

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