First Impressions: La Escepcion Edicion Limitada 2009

I just spent most of the weekend doing some remodel work on the kitchen. With that said I wasn’t able to put together a full blown review, but I did get a chance to smoke the La Escepcion Edicion Limitada 2009 and write down a few notes for you. Since I’ve only had two of these cigars I figured a “First Impressions” review would be most appropriate.

Name: La Escepcion Edicion Limitada 2009
Company: General Cigar Co.
Made in: Honduras
Wrapper: Habano Talango
Binder: Nicaraguan Ometepe
Filler: Nicaraguan Ometepe
Price: $5.50
Vitola: Excepcionales (5 1/2 x 50)


The La Escepcion comes dressed in a rustic and dark reddish brown wrapper. I classify the wrapper as rustic because of the various veins and the overall rough texture of the leaf. The coloring of the wrapper was generally uniform, however, it lightened towards the edges of the veins. The tobacco felt as though it had been bunched evenly, making me think that the draw would be acceptable. Construction wise the La Escepcion seemed promising with the exception of the cap, which was sloppily placed on the cigars and had not been trimmed evenly. One squeeze with my cutter and most of that flaw was gone. The pre-light draw was right on point with what I like. The pre-light aroma was heavy on the barnyard with a little sweetness coming from the foot.

Smoke and Burn

The La Escepcion starts of with a bold and full-bodied mix of earth and coffee. Approximately one half inch into the cigar I began to pick up on strong black pepper notes on my palate and through the retro-hale. The draw was perfect and produced tons of thick white smoke. The cigar started burning straight, but the more I smoked the burn line began to get crooked. The core flavors of earth coffee and black pepper remained through out the entire cigar, but I found that they varied in strength. In addition to the slight flavor strenght changes, I began to pick up on a sweet nuttiness at about the halfway point. This sweetness offered a nice balance to the otherwise bold flavors. In the final third of the cigar, the burn line began to straighten back out. By the time I sat the cigar in the ashtray it was burning perfectly straight.

Final Thoughts

I thought that the La Escepcion was a fairly solid cigar. The flavors were bold but lacked balance. Although the sweet nuttiness provided some balance, the other flavors were just a little too strong. Even with the lack of balance I thought this was an enjoyable cigar, and believe I would smoke it again. I do think that some aging would create benefits down the road for the La Escepcion. Perhaps the bold flavors would mellow out some, and reveal a few more flavors to balance out the equation.

Have you tried the La Escepcion Edicion Limitada 2009 yet? And if so what did you think?

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Nice! I like your pics, btw. Indeed, I wanna see your kitchen re-model, too!

Too much energy goin’ on here @ NTA… ‘gars, kitchens… it’s all too much.

Thanks for taking the time for a quick review amidst your busy weekend, Chris!

Love that Habano Talango wrapper. I guess I will put this on my list to try.

Haven’t tried one of these yet, will have to one of these days.

Thanks for the review Chris. Isn’t the Ometepe tabacco the same used in the Punch Uppercut? Sounds like interesting cigar that will benefit from some aging. Keep them coming and keep on smoking.

La Escepcion Edicion Limitada 2009 is sound a good cigar to try. I enjoy smoked my stogy when I’ve the time because time is too short….

Mornin’ guys! Speaking of morning: would this be a good a.m. + coffee treat?

Ill pick one up if I ever find one at reasonable price

Very nice review, will have to try these…. Thanks again

Ach! Nuthin’ to read this morning… Guess I’ll have to go RE-read some of the others…

Winner or another average cigar from the General? Sounds like the latter from your description, but I’d like to give it a try at some point…

I’ll re-read this one until the next one goes up!

I hadn’t actually heard of this cigar. Sounds like I’d like it but don’t know if I’m going to try real hard to track it down.

Thanks for the review Chris.

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Great review! Keep up the great work!

I just acquired on of these cigars in a box pass, and its waiting in my humidor. Thanks for your review!

I’m almost through the torpedo right now and the flavors and evolution you mention are right on point. I’m going to grab another couple of these and try to forget them in my humi, not only to let the flavors come out, but 1″ til 2″ there was a construction issue evident by the ash that made it tough to keep a good burn going and caused some sour flavors. The burn has been fine since, and being a maduro fan I have to say that I am enjoying this stick. Not one of my tops but definitely worth a try. Has burned cool all the way til now (1.5″left) but not hot or mushy.

I just bought one the other day from Cuban crafters. They told me they have had these for awhile and just put them back on the shelf. This must of aged well as I love this cigar! Well blanched with a bit of spice and a nice light leathery note. Needless to say I went back a bought the rest of the box!

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