Herf-a-dor X5

Cigar smoking is a social activity, and it’s not very convenient to drag that 75 quart Igloo cooler to the herf. So we have travel humidors. Today I look at the five-count Herf-a-dor X5 by Humi-care.

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The video seemed to wig out on me a bit. Those are nice. I currently have a 3 finger case, but I really need something a little larger with humidification. I like the way you guys are mixing it up. Bringing in all aspects of the cigar world. Great job.

I really like these travel cases. I prefer the Cigar Caddy though. Uniform sizes in the foam and the humidifier is removeable. I just bought a 10-ct one after having a 5 ct for years and I have to say, I like the 10 ct better. Its just a little bigger, but gives me double the cigars. I do like the 5 ct though because is an good size to through in a cargo pocket of my shorts or pants. Awesome review, Charlie!

I also have the 10ct and I love it. Always keeps my cigars safe and in perfect smoking shape. Thanks for the video and everyone should have one of these.

I think the 10ct seems like a good investment and I have been looking for a travel case for a while. Thanks for the info guys. Good job.

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Been looking for a travel box and I think this will be the one I go with. Thanks for the review.

How do you add water to the 5 ct box?

When I add water to mine, I just put a few drops in. It doesn’t take or need much.

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