Illusione 68

There is quite a following of the Illusione line of cigars. I tried a few here and there when I first got into cigars. I jumped head first and wasn’t quite ready for this flavor profile of cigar just yet in the larger ring gauges. I was smoking mainly the larger ring gauge Illusione and didn’t care too much for them. I stopped buying them all together for a while and then got a hold of a few HL Maduros (OR). I fell in love with that cigar and thought; “Even though its a maduro, I wonder if I’ll like the smaller ring gauge cigars”. So I tried the smaller ring gauges and found to like the smaller ring gauge a lot better than the larger. Watch the video and see my take of the 68.

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Great review, of the 68, I haven’t had much Illusion product can’t find it locally, but I would love to get my hands on more

The ~68~ is a still one of my favs in the Illusione lineup – must have smoked a box of these last winter here in NE. I have to thank you however. For two years I have been describing the flavor profile of this stick as a creamy white pepper, yet I have yet to see any reviews agree with my assessment until now. ;)

Thanks Tim. I just call it how I taste them! Ive tasted alot of “odd” things in cigars; from Reese’s Cups to Apricots! Thanks for the reassuring comments!

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