Illusione and Drew Estate Cigars discontinue Nosotros brand of cigars

From Dion Giolito of Illusione Cigars:

Effective immediately, Illusione cigars will no longer participate in the Nosotros brand project with Jonathan Drew DBA Drew Estate. After two and a half years, terms for a product delivery date still could not be negotiated. The Nosotros brand/trademark dies in the Drew Estate Factory as per contractual agreement, and will not be made outside of the factory where it originated. – Dion Giolito, Illusione Cigars

Sad day. The Nosotros was one of my favorite cigars.

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Man, it seems like these just came out. What the??? Wonder why they couldn’t figure out the distribution

That’s a shame! I’d smoke one to honor the death of this brand, but it seems the value has just gone up….

Thanks for sharing.

That is sad news. We barely new the Nosotros and now it’s gone. I was big fan of it.

too bad for jonathan drew and his fake ass perfume tasting cigars for ladies… the don realized he was destroying the cred of his real cigars by the association with such a trendy ass douche and his piss-horrible cigars for kids…

I wasn’t a huge fan still have a couple in my humi, and I notice the boxes are still full at my local.

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