Illusione ~hl~

Last week Ben looked at the new cigar from Dion Giolito, the Cruzado. I take a look at a cigar from his first line, the Illusione ~hl~ or Holy Lance.

I talk about the cigar, how nice it is to smoke outdoors again, my puppies Jackson and Beau, and the great beer reviews from Mike in West Virginia.

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Great review. Not only does it make me want to try an illusione even more but now i’m fired up for the spring weather. Great banter about the dogs. Goldens are awesome.

Thanks for the nice review. I enjoy the illusione 68 and 88 but now I’ll have to try this one too. Thanks for making spend more money at the shop.

Nice review. I’d say that 90 pounds is definitely past the puppy stage.

Nothing better than sitting out on the deck smoking a cigar and watching the dog(s) running around the yard!

Nice Review Charlie…Nice touch with the dogs at the end!

Nice review MountChuck… I too am on the Lancero quest right along with you. Oliva Serie V Lancero, Cubao #3, Tatuaje El Triunfador there are lots of good ones to enjoy out there. Eventually we will find em all!

Hello, You referred to your seven and a half by forty as a Lancero. I noticed in the Famous Smoke Shop description that they referred to this cigar as a Panatela. Are these terms interchangable. Thanks and I enjoy your cigar reviews.


Different manufacturers will use different names. Traditionally, a lancero is 7 1/2″ x 38 ring gauge. They may be 7″ or up to 40 ring gauge. Some places may indeed use panatela, although panatelas are usually shorter than 7″.

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