ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

I’m back with a quick review of the ITC 10th Anniversary by Rocky Patel Cigars that I recorded 6 or 7 weeks ago. The ITC is the first Nicaraguan Puro from Rocky Patel. I’ll be back on Friday with another review and an update on all that’s been going on with me.

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Nice job. Welcome back. I like the short and to the point reviews.

Let them sit for a little bit – the harshness goes away. Great cigar with coffee – pretty simple cigar, but a pleasant surprise. Worth having some in the humidor.

Nice review Charlie. I’ve enjoyed quite a few RP’s but never the ITC 10th Anniversary. Thanks.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but I have had much better. It is still a good cigar, and I would definitely smoke it again. From where I stopped, the smoke experience lasted well over an hour. You will definitely get your enjoyment out of this cigar.

To see my full review with photographs, please visit:

Good looking, dense yet squeezable, and a spicy sweet smell was the pre-light impression I got from the ITC 10th Anniversary stick. I was not, however, prepared for the intense pepper I immediately got and it stung the back of my throat as well as nostrils upon exhaling. The zing settled a bit and I acclimated too. As the burn progressed the spiciness was not as strong yet always around. The next thing I noticed was a more creamy light coffee taste. Not bad after the initial intensity toned down. I thought it stayed this way for the rest of the session.

Not overly complex in spite of the spice, but a decent flavor was the order here. I guess I hoped there might be some earthiness, nutty flavor, or maybe seasoned cedar which would truly took the, generally, pleasing two tastes mentioned into the more complex territory, but that wasn’t what I experienced. So, not a bad stick, especially since the two flavors I did feel were predominant went well together. Was it a bargain? No. Would I smoke it regularly? Probably not, but I would smoke it on occasion since it was good (not fantastic or even great), especially if it could be had at $4 or even less. RP seems to never make bad cigars, but I’ll stick with the 1990 as my staple RP selection of choice.

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