JFR Maduro

The JFR, or Just For Retailers, is a brick-and-mortar only cigar made by Tabacalera Tropical. The maduro version has a Habano maduro wrapper. It is supposed, but not confirmed, that the JFR was originally blended by Don Pepin Garcia when he worked for Tropical. It comes in boxes of 50, and is around $4-5 per stick.

I paired it with a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout. Fair warning: I recorded this one right after the Redskins stunk up FedEx field against the Chiefs, so my language is a little coarser than usual.

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Charlie: I have only smoked one JFR and it was real good. Sorry you had a bad one. On a lighter moment, This has to be the funniest video review ever. I nearly wet my Depends Adult Undergarment when you went off on EVERYTHING; from the cigar to the Redskins to the neighbor kid. This one is for the time capsule.
Bill Pappy Ferrara

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by mountchuck: Monday review is up a little early: JFR Maduro. http://bit.ly/14EBFE


I smoked 3 of these. This was the worst of the bunch, but the other 2 weren’t good either. Just not this bad. Thanks for the kind words. I should have drank some hard liquor, and then it would have been really, really entertaining.

HAHA!! Dude that review is so freaking funny. Thanks for warning me off that cigar. I saw your follow that you have smoked 3. I would say that’s a good enough sampling. One thing I would like to see in your reviews in the wrap up is how long it smoked. I sometimes use that as a gauge of what I can smoke on a given day. I am sometimes limited in my smoking time. Take care and thanks for taking the time for the review.


Good call on the smoking time. There was a bunch of things I wanted to say at the end, but I was so annoyed at the end I forgot. LOL. I’ll try to make sure I do that from now on. But, keep in mind, I’m usually a bit on the slow side when I smoke.

I had the chance to smoke the JFR Maduro Habano III going on five times now. I also have commented on this cigar on my Facebook page tonight. I have a wide selection of cigars I like from the KUBA KUBA by Drew Estates to the Rockey Patel Maduro Edge Robusto. The JFR is a all cuban seed cigar made in Nicaragua. As soon as, I lit this cigar a thick layer of spice blanketed my mouth with woody flavors following behind. I can say this started out strong, and I had hoped the spice would lighten up. About an inch in I noticed another flavor but could not pin point it, so I rolled the smoke around in mouth mouth a few more times in the hope I could figure it out. Finally, I thought I could taste nutty notes, which I know each person may taste something different. I was about half way through and yes this cigar was still very strong. I thought the spice had lightened up, but it may have been that the oils heated up, causing the woody, and nutty flavors to get stronger taking some attention off the spice. In my opinion, at this point the flavors started complimenting each other. I was disappointed that it did not happen sooner. The burn was good and ashes were stacking very well. I think I had put this cigar out a little over a third of the way through, but that was almost a good hour and a half smoke to that point. This would never be a every day cigar for me, but was constructed well, and the draw was good. I recommend to any one trying this cigar to have a heavy dinner, like a good steak, and potato dinner. Then take an hour or two, with a good stiff drink (needed) to see the real side of this cigar. This was exactly what I was expecting out of this cigar.

Great JFR review i smoke 3-4 JFR maduros a week one of my Favorites i have always tasted small hints of Chocolate everyone is different of course i myself think its a great cigar you know the old saying whats two best cigars in the world?………….the one you like and the one thats free my other favorite cigars are the Tatuaje red labels

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I am a Big Fan of JFR’s. I take trips to Cancun, and other tropical destinations, where I Know I have most of the time actually purchased and smoked Cubans. I am always glad I pack my JFR’s because I personally have never had a better smoke. The maduro Titans are the class of the line, although I smoke all 6 varieties of the maduros. Every time I give one out, the question is, “where can I get some of these?”

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