Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo

This week I review the newest cigar from Joya De Nicaragua, the Antano Dark Corojo.  This cigar was released at the 2009 IPCPR show and it made to be even more full bodied and powerful than their famed Antano 1970 line.  Its made with 75% Ligero that is actually a special ligero that they make called Ligeron.  Usually that much ligero means two things:  1.  They are STRONG.  2.  They usually don’t burn well as ligero is hard to burn.  So, how did this cigar turn out?  Watch the video and find out.

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Good lookin’ gar!

The Mississippi nubber would be a great promo item.
W/regard to cutters: have you tried the Wolf V-cutter?

I like the notes of “bitter chocolate,” but the STRONG warning re:Ligero gives me pause (as a noob and also not particularly addicted to Sir Toby, Saint Nick can give me too much kick…)

Ha! $7-8/stick for YOU means $15 for ME!

Thanks for the review!

I have a few of these from my recent trip to Nicaragua; I’m afraid to smoke them. I’m waiting for an evening after a big meal where I have PLENTY of time to smoke it SLOWLY!

Nice review Ben. I had one of Dark Corojo’s a couple of days ago after a steak dinner. I had kind of the same experience you had with yours. I enjoyed the first two thirds, but last third became too harsh for me. Had some burn issues during first third, none during second, they came back during last third. I did have to baby sit the cigar a bit to keep it lit. I think you’re right, aging might do the trick. Keep on smoking.

Nice review!! Tried on of these recently at our weekly cigar tasing at Jungle Jims in Fairfield Ohio. Warning!!! Let this cigar sit for a month or so. 1st half inch was so spicy it was almost harsh!! But after that!! Loved it!!

Nice review. That Ligeron is tough to burn, but the flavors are great.

Interested in trying these one day. I’ve had other “heavy hitters” as far as cigars go without any ill effects. Looking forward to trying this, the LFD double lig and possibly one day a T110.

Thanks for the review.

Wow. Not much of a ligero fan. Watched with interest and considered it a warning.

Too strong for me, moving along LOL

I will try any cigar at least once but this one does scare me a bit.


looks good. I like those power stix. Give’s you the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Smoked one these about a month ago after a big dinner and it still gave me a nice buzz.The flavors were ok but not great.I’ll probably buy a couple more and let them age while

I’ve yet to have a JDN that I didn’t enjoy. Can’t wait to try this one.

Love this smoke. I’m going to buy a box once they are available online. Nice review!

Are you a car saleperson? Because everytime I watched your review on the cigar. I wanted to try it. I has had the Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970. It was a full favor and a medium to full cigar. It was smooth, strong tobacco taste and wood taste…

Thanks for the review! As a big fan of the Antano 1970, I am adding these to the “must try” list!

I think these will be a lot better after resting at LEAST 6 months. As far as it compares to my favorite heavy hitter, the LFD Double Ligero 660, no contest. LFD wins. Will it still win after I revisit the other one I have after I let it sit a year? We’ll see…..

Nice review. From the first time I smoked this cigar I really liked it. Definitely a box purchase in the future.

Comment by Seagars Adam on March 1, 2010 @ 7:27 pm

Cigars to review:

Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo Antano!!!!

^—FTW, thanks for listening guys!!

I’ve smoked a couple of these. The thinner was pretty good. The thicker one (same one you reviewed) started great, got a little pedestrian in the middle, and got boring and dull in the end. That, coupled with the fact that it is the worst-smelling cigar (while burning) that I can remember smoking means I won’t bother with it in the future. Honestly, rancid, awful smell that lingered on my cloths all night…but if you’re looking for a stogie that is guaranteed to offend the non-smokers in your immediate area and keep your significant other away for a while after you finish…this is your cigar!

“Pretty smooth wrapper” says Ben…I guess it would be if you normally smoke Backwoods!!! :)

Are the commercials supposed to have sound? Thanks for the review

I want to try one of these so bad. I love the Antano and the Dark just looks so good!

I am a fan of the Antano line and I have to say I don’t care for the Dark Corojo as much. It isn’t bad, but I find it to be too much. The Antano line is flavorful enough with a creaminess that balances out the strength, the dark corojo is good, but I reach for the original.

You can now pick these up from Cigars International. They have the 5 cigar sampler for 25 bucks. I’m really thinking about pulling the trigger.

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