Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No.11

Size: 5 1/4 x 46

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Shade and Nicaraguan Criollo

Sizes Available: Belicoso, Robusto, Corona, Toro, Lancero

I first tried this cigar at a Drew Estate event at Cordova Cigars in Penscacola, FL a few months ago and liked it. I got a few more so I could take another taste at it and enjoy it a little more in a more relaxed situation. Lets see if the Cabinetta is good as it was the first time!


First look: The corona is probably one of my favorite cigar sizes and this cigar is a good example of that size. The first thing that stands out is the two-toned wrapper. To some people, they would say this is a “gimmick”. With my previous experience of this cigar, its not a gimmick at all. An Ecuadorian Shade wrapper (lighter shaded) covers about 3/4 of the cigar with a Criollo leaf (darker shaded) that caps off the head of the cigar. The cigar feals slightly soft throughout, with no major hard or soft spots on it. There are a few viens, but none are large enough to make the cigar ugly. The prelight draw is alot like the aromas of the foot; a good amount of wood.

First Third: The first few draws I take have nice wood notes to them. Hints of cedar with a slight bit of spice. Nice notes of a “spicy” wood. Its not a super spicy wood, but it puts a small tingle on the tip of my tongue. About 3/4″ into it, I get a slight note of of a bitter cocoa. The burn and draw on this cigar are pretty much dead on. The smaller ring gauge of the cigar is letting the Ecuadorian Shade wrapper shine and the Cabinetta is shining well so far.

Second Third: The wood notes are still pretty predominant into the second third. The wood note is like a dull cedar note. Almost to the half way point, Nutmeg or Almond is shouting out at me. A spicy cedar tone shows through slightly with undertones of the cocoa again, just before I pull off the band.
Im liking this cigar a pretty good bit. The slight spice with the cocoa and almond notes are an interesting mixture of flavors. Nicaraguan cigars are not my top tobacco due to alot of spice at times. I don’t like an over powering spice. This cigar is not overpowering in the spice notes, but have a nice amount of spice. Finishing off the second third, the flavor seems to get a “darker” sense to it. I’m guessing its because the Criollo is very close to the burn line.

Final Third: The dark notes I mentioned in the end of the second third reminds me of fresh roasted peanuts. The burn and draw are still dead on. I was smoking the cigar a little too fast, it got a tad heated up and slightly bitter. Usually this close to the end, I would pitch it. But I wanted to taste more of the “darker” side of the cigar, so a small purge, slower puffs, and I was back in business. The roasted peanut notes are still there and making me hungry. At the end of the cigar, I get a note of semi-bitter dark chocolate pops out at me.

Final Thoughts: A nice medium bodied cigar with the usual Nicaraguan flavors with non-typical notes of wood, nutmeg, and roasted peanuts. I would have liked to have had more of the Criolla wrapper. Then you could have really ened the flavors of it. Not a half and half mix of the Equadorian Shade/Criollo, but more than the one inch of the Criolla would be nice.
I like alot of Joya de Nicaragua’s cigars, this is not my favorite (the Celebracion is) but its pretty close to the top when it comes to JdNs.

I recommend this cigar for a change of pace from your “typical” Nicaraguan cigar. If you like a good Nicaraguan cigar, but want a good twist thrown in, try the Cabinetta!

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Yes, I agree, the final third’s introduction of roasted peanut butter flavor was amazing. Indeed, there should be more of that.

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