Julius Caeser Robusto

Julius Caeser Robusto
By Diamond Crown – J.C. Newman

Size: 52 x 4 3/4″
Wrapper: Havana Seed Ecuadorian
Binder:Central American
Filler: Central American
Country: Dominican Republic
Cost: $11.50

The Julius Caeser is made by J.C. Newman that came out at the 2010 IPCPR Show. Its a tribute to the President of J.C. Newman’s ( Eric Newman) grandfather’s 135th Birthday and the 115th Anniversary of J.C. Newman Cigar Company. The Julius Caeser is only available at one of the 55 Diamond Crown Lounges spread out across the United States. Diamond Crown Lounge Listing

First Look: The first thing you notice is the beautiful band that has a picture of Julius Caesar, yet the cigar is named Julius Caeser. That is due to how J.C. Newman spelled his middle name (Caeser), its no error. The wrapper is a medium brown wrapped cigar with a few veins, capped off with a nice double cap. The band looks very classical and screams “Roman Empire”, so I am hoping this cigar will be a classy smoke. The blue background of the band is very pleasing to the eyes. I don’t see too many cigar bands with a blue hue to them and it commpliments (by contrast) the medium brown wrapper of the cigar.
The wrapper smells of wood notes and I sense a very slight aroma of brown sugar in the foot. I may be off somewhat with that note, as my nose is stuffy today. Guillotine cut produces a very nice draw, a little on the tight side, but workable. The prelight draw has notes of wood, very slight pepper, with a hint of nutmeg in it.

First Third: The Julius Ceaser toasts up very easily and quickly that produces a good amount of smoke right off the bat. Very mild, creamy notes of wood is the first thing I get from this cigar during the first few draws. I was expecting a more heavier body and flavor to the smoke seeing the darkness of the wrapper. This smoke has nice mild and creamy flavors to it. A very faint tanginess hits the tip of my tongue about a half inch into the cigar. The retrohale reminds me of the taste of milk. The milk taste has a slight sweetness to it thats pretty interesting. Reminds me of the center (white) part of a “Cow Tales” candy, but not as sweet. A mainly white with gray ringed ash holds quite nicely ending the first third.

Second Third: The creamy sweet milky taste continues into the second third of the cigar. The ash is a little flaky, but still holding on quite well. The burn and draw are pretty much dead on with no touch-ups or relights needed. This is a very well constructed cigar that shows. Creamy woody notes are carried off into the halfway point of the cigar. A slight tangy note is becomming more and more as I get further into the cigar. Its not an entirely harsh tangy note, but any more, and it would turn the flavor bad I think. After pulling off the band, I get a slight taste of orange zest that sits on the the very tip of my tongue. The orange zest fades in and out with each draw. But the tanginess is still there and not dimminishing or increasing. Working into the last third, the draw and burn are still dead on. I like the fact of this cigar is “low maintenance “. I can understand having a burn correction on a cigar every now and then, but if I have to do it more than three times, it gets aggrevating. This cigar is not aggrevating to me one bit and is turning out to be a nice smoke.

Final Third: The wood notes are showing up more in to the last piece of this cigar. The tanginess has eased off some, not as much as I would have liked, this cigar would be a little better tasting with the tanginess out of it. Possibly a bit of rest could do them some good. This cigar is mild to medium bodied smoke with mild to medium flavor profile thats complex, but not overly complex. The medium brown wrapper had me thinking this would be a medium/full flavor and bodied cigar, but it was deffinately not. The flavor profile is different from any of the other J.C. Newman cigars that I have had in the past. The orange zest was deffinatley an interesting note to me and I would have like to have seen it earlier in the cigar. But, the tanginess/bitterness through some of the cigar was a slight turn off.

Final Thoughts: The Julius Caeser is a very well constructed cigar with a nice ash, draw, burn and flavors, with a mild to medium body. The bitterness was a slight turn off seeing the $11+ price tag, but could possibly changed with some rest in the humidor. I had a Diamond Crown Maximus Maduro a few days prior to the Julius Ceaser, even though it was about $14+, it was good bit better. The Julius Ceaeser is deffinately worth a try if you ever get to visit a Diamond Crown lounge. Grab more than one, try one then, and one later on with some rest; I am sure it will be better with age.

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For being so mild I thought this was a surprisingly and delightfully complex cigar to smoke.

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