Kristoff Corojo Torpedo

Kristoff Corojo Label

I recent heard about Kristoff Cigars while participating in a box pass on Cigar Weekly. A couple of people expressed dismay that it went early in the pass and didn’t get their hands on it. Well, that just peaked my interest. So, an order went out for a couple of corojos and a couple of maduros. Kristoff makes 4 vitolas:

This review is of the corojo version. Let’s see how it tastes.


I have to say the torpedo looks pretty cool. I’m a sucker for pigtail caps and shaggy foots. This torpedo has a shaggy foot to it which gives it a real old world look. What I really like is the band. It’s a simple brown band with faded writing on it. It’s actually hard to read the writing, but it gives the impression that the cigar is very old. As a MAJOR history buff, that is cool to me. The body of the cigar has a toothy appearance with a few large veins. I hope that it doesn’t affect the burn. Let’s see.

shaggy foot


The aroma of the cigar has a deep, rich earthy aroma. The pre-light draw has the same taste with hints of old leather. Like taking a handful of potting soil and throwing it in your mouth. That sounds worse than it is, but the characteristics are nice. On to the light!

First Third:

This is interesting. The cigar definitely has nice notes of spices and earth. There is an underlying sweetness that seems nice. I can’t put my finger on the spices I taste, but it reminds me of nutmug or maybe allspice. I think that might also be from the sweetness I’m getting.

first third

Second Third:

Well, the ash just fell in my laptop’s keyboard. Lovely. Ain’t the first time it has happened and I can guarantee it won’t be the last. Anyway, before it fell, the ash was nice slate grey and very uniform. The room aroma is of cigar is um, unique. I was told it smells like a wet dog. The second third hasn’t changed much except the sweetness has intensified. It’s not overbearing or cloying though. Natural, aged tobacco sweetness.

second third

Last Third:

The last third still doesn’t have much change either. It’s actually getting a little off putting. Strong acrid flavors that I can’t purge out. The sweetness has completely gone and there are only notes of strong, decaying earth. This cigar just took a major down turn. I’m not finishing this cigar at this point.

final third

Overall Impression:

This cigar started off very tasty and the appearance of the cigar was pretty nice. Voluminous smoke, but the room note was not good. The sweetness and spices in the beginning was pretty nice. It wasn’t until the final third that it turned for the worse. I think I need to try another one because it’s hard to believe this cigar started out so well and ended so poorly. I think maybe some aging would really help the cigar. I think I will sit on the other one and come back to it later…maybe a year or so. I would recommend it with reservations. Try it, you might like it. Then again, you might not.

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I agree with the final 3rd being unimpressive. I enjoyed the first 2/3s of mine. Sounds like yours was just like the one I tried with a maduro wrapper. Thanks for the review.

Nice review. Don’t have any experience with the Kristoff and after this it might be a while before I’m tempted to pick one up with everything else out there to try.

I’ve heard that aging does wonders for this cigar. Unfortunately, I have not to age so I can’t say from experience.

You nailed it again. Age it for a year. Great cigar but absolutely requires a long rest before it’s ready to smoke.

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