La Aurora 107 Lancero

I know I’ve already reviewed the La Aurora 107 before, but this is a different vitola.  The lancero size came about after a lengthy discussion one night on twitter between myself, La Aurora President, Guillermo Leon, Miami Cigars VP of Marketing and Finance, Jason Wood, Mike from Buckhead Cigars and Jose Blanco, General Manager of La Aurora Cigars about how great the smaller ring gauge of the corona really made the 107 blend pop.  So, I suggested, if its much better in smaller ring gauges, why not a lancero?  Guillermo liked the idea but was unsure if the market was there for it, so he and Jose asked Jason to poll the market and see if interest is there.  Mike immediately said he would take 100 boxes if he made it, as Buckhead Cigars is not shy of massive orders on great cigars and has a huge market.  After that, many other cigar people on Twitter, especially bloggers like Barry from and Charlie from The Cigar Feed, really got behind the idea. The rest, they say, is history.  So, how does this new vitola compare to the rest, especially the corona?  Watch the video and find out.

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Great review very nice way for people to understand, glad you enjoyed keep up the good work.

Love your review!!, very nice pairing with Presidente beer :-)

Great review Ben! I love the AiC intro and I love the 107 corona. From your review it sounds like I’ll enjoy the lancero a little more, I tend to like a bit of spice… though I guess they will also need some rest.


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