La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

La Flor introduced the Air Bender earlier this year and the hook is that they are intense, sophisticated, and powerful. Not sure there is all that much difference between intense and powerful but I digress…

The Air Bender comes in six sizes and today I have for you the 5″ x 50 Matatan. The blend is made up of a Habano seed wrapper with a Dominican Binder and Dominican fillers. Does the Air Bender live up to its name? Let’s find out…

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Air Bender is just such a great name.

Hey Brian…As always, I really enjoy your reviews. The Air Bender is one of my newest “go to” cigars..Every single one I have had has been consistently spectacular. The robusto being my favorite. Thanks for the great review..
PS.. Just wondering if you guys were going to do another “cigars for the troops”.. I was going to get an addy online send some over ( I’ve sent a few shipments over in the past)..but thought I would wait to see if you are going to do a mass shipment..LMK Thanks Brian..Rob

I just got back from my local cigar shop and saw these, I will have to grab one next time. Love the reviews you guys do here Brian. Keep up the good work, people are definately out here watching and enjoying what you guys do.

I like to smoke more a smaller ring gauges cigars like a Corona or a Robusto. I will get a pair next time at the cigar shop. Thanks for the review…..

Brian, I’m like you, I think these are fabulous cigars. The robusto is the best of the lot IMHO. These have become on of my go to cigars. When you coming back to Cincy for another trip To Jungle Jims? Thanks, Tim

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I smoked the LFD Double Ligero chisel and that one just about spun my head off with the Nic Hit. How does the Air Bender compare to the DL Chisel?

Hey Guys…Thanks for the comments. Sorry it has taken so long to get back. Have been on a little vacation.

Rob – We will be doing another troop donation event we just haven’t nailed down the details. Hopefully soon.

Tim – Although I have talked to alot of people with mixed feelings on this stick. I am with you. I think it is excellent.

4Wheel – I don’t think this stick has the same power as the Double Ligero. Don’t get me wrong, it is powerfull but it isn’t as heavy on the stomach. While the DL is one of my favorites, this one may be a bit more balanced (at least in the smaller rings).


I finally got my hands on a couple of these. I smoked one, had some pretty serious burn problems, but enjoyed the flavor very much, especially in the middle third of the cigar. For me the nicotine wss pretty strong, so I smoked this thing pretty slowly, but over all really enjoyed it for its flavors.

I’ve been on a LFD kick lately and this is one cigar that I have burned a few times since then.

A very good smoke.

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