La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros 652B – Contest

General Cigars has released an interesting new cigar to the La Gloria Cubana line up.  This new cigar called the Artesanos de Tabaqueros, features two different wrappers over the same filler.  The two wrappers are an Connecticut shade wrapper near the foot and an Ecuadorian Sumatra on the upper part of the cigar.  Benji Menendez of Partagas fame, hand selected 18 master rollers from the El Credito cigar factory in the Dominican Republic to makes these cigars.  The filler is a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The tobaccos have been aged for 5 years.  The cigar currently come in 3 sizes:

This cigar is an intriguing concept, but is it contender or a marketing pretender?  Watch the video and find out.  Also, there is a contest at the end so make sure you enter!

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I usually don’t go any further than Coke or water. I find water to nicely clean the palate while smoking.

Great review Ben. I’ve really enjoyed these cigars.

I usually like to have bourbon, especially Russell’s Reserve or Maker’s Mark. Occasionally I’ll have some sort of rum or scotch if I want to shake things up.

It’s sound like a good cigar. I like to pair my good cigar’s with water. I wanted to teaste all the favors and aromas given from the cigar. But I smoked my average cigar with a good Single barrel Jack Daniel.

I usally go with nothing unless the cigar has a real dry aftertaste then it is coke or a pepsi maybe water or ice tea

In the morning, I usually drink coffee while smoking a milder cigar. In the afternoon, I pair stronger cigars with water or a beer (Guinness, Sam Adams, etc.). In the evening I’ve enjoyed my cigars with port, rum, single-malt scotch, & Irish whiskey (Jameson).

In the midday, particularly in warmer weather, I like an ice-cold Coke, or a nice, hoppy IPA, depending on the stick. The sweetness of the coke is nice with milder sticks, and the bite of the hops tempers some of the spicier cigars a bit. At night, either African Coffee or good scotch. Recently, I have been sipping Johnnie Walker Green Label or Oban 14. very few things pair better than whisky and a cigar, IMHO.

Depending on the cigar I pair with either just plain water or Dewar’s scotch. If it is a smoke I have never had I like to have water as it is neutral. I love a Dewar’s with a Gran Habano Corojo #5.

I’m looking forward to trying these. I enjoy a strong Costa Rican or African coffee when I smoke during the day and then either red wine, single malt scotch or a good beer anytime after beer-thirty.

If I’m reviewing a cigar, water is best; if I’m just enjoying either unsweetened iced tea for non-alcoholic or bourbon for alcoholic.

As far as this new La Gloria goes…I’ve only had one and I came away singularly…unimpressed. Maybe my opinion will be changed by the second one waiting in my humidor, but so far I find it to be SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day) from General Cigar and another over-hyped “swing and a miss” in a year when there have been plenty already (sticks that come immediately to mind are El Triunfador, Upper Cut, and Nosotros). Don’t read that to say the cigar is bad, per se, just that it didn’t strike me as all that wonderful or special…just another stick from the assembly line of General Cigars. I really do hope that the first stick was an anomaly (or that my palate was just off that night) and that I do like this cigar in the long run, but at this point it’s been years since anything from the General really got me excited.

Great review!

I enjoy my cigars especially the more full bodied smokes, with a Suntory Yamazaki 18 year single malt whiskey. There is simply no better way to end a day for me.

I like sumatra or Kenya coffee for morning sticks and small batch bourbons like Bookers Bourbon or Irish whiskey like Jameson for night smokes.

I’m still more in the testing stages of what I think goes best, water cleans the palate well, I’m gonna have to give the makers mark a try because I often drink it.

Great review. I felt the same way with the connecticut shade side, very flavorful. I like Jameson with most cigars.

My favorite pairing – Tawny Porto. 2nd choice – beer. 3rd choice – coffee. 4th choice – pepsi.

Great review. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sounds and looks like a great cigar, but to pricy for me

Great review,I really enjoy the La Gloria Cubana line and can’t wait to try these.I usualy just drink water but on occasion I will pair it up with straight Jack Black.

Love these podcasts! I enjoy a variety of beverages with my cigars. A water or seltzer when having an afternoon smoke, a bold coffee in the morning. Two particular alcohol favorites are a Belgian golden ale like Duvel or an Irish Whiskey such as Powers or Paddys.

And finally, one of my favorite times to enjoy a cigar is when taking my dogs for a long walk, so no beverage is the choice there. Have a good day.

I like to pair my premium full flavored cigars with 15 year Glenfiddich single malt or a 10 year Tawny Port, my mild to mediums’ a cup of coffee.
My pairing of non premium cigars is allover the board ranging from coffee, beer, cabernet, to water, the time of day plays a roll too.


It’s either diet mountain dew one of the sam adams seasonal brews like the noble pils right now.

Usually I go with Coke, Crown Royal Cask No16 & coke (sometimes minus the Coke) or CDM Chicory Coffee. More recently its straight coke.
My accompanying drink sometimes depends upon the weather also. A hot cup of Coffee and a good medium full cigar on a cool fall day is nice.

I happen to LOVE Sumatran blue… just happen to have a supply! Otherwise, IPAs are good inter-puff palate cleansers…

Great review Ben. My favorite thing to pair with my cigars is coffee, Peruvian Organic being my favorite.

Another great review large fan of the La Gloria Cubana line I usually like to have a good sumatra coffee with my cigars or a 18 year ols canadian whiskey.

I really enjoy your reviews Ben. If I’m smoking in the morning I’ll have coffee. At night it’s either a full bodied beer, or a red wine, depending on the cigar. Thanks for the review.

Any mild cigar I will pair with coffee and water, also any maduro. If I am smoking a full bodied like a San Cristobal, or Joya de Nicaragua Antano I usually try to pair it with something that has a bite to the aftertaste… coke, makers mark, and makers mark

I love to pair with scotch. The Balviene DoubleWood or the Auchentoshan Three Wood have been my favorites in pairing with a cigar.

Good review Ben, I’ve enjoyed a couple of those.

Great review Ben, I was gifted one of these by a friend and can’t wait to smoke one.

Oh and I usually try and pair a beer with my cigar based on the flavor profile of each, unless it’s the AM then it’s coffee.

You posed a question that you were wondering who this cigar was aimed towards. It is specific focus of a full dinner cigar. The idea is that while you are having your appetizers, you are smoking the Connecticut section and by time to get to the part where the cigar changes over, you’re enjoying the main course of your dinner. Novel idea, not sure how it will catch on as pretty much there is no smoking allowed in diners.
As far as what I drink with my cigs, I typically enjoy a Crown Royal Black with Cococola.

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