Cheap Ash: Leoninos by La Aurora


For the second installment of our Cheap Ash series I smoked the Leoninos, by La Aurora.  This cigar sports a Dominican grown Corojo wrapper that has been aged for 3 years.  According to La Aurora this is the only cigar that uses a Dominican Corojo wrapper.

Company: La Aurora
Made in: Dominican Republic
Made by: La Aurora
Size: 5 5/8″ x 42 Corona
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Brazilian and Dominican
Binder: Indonesian
MSRP: $1.20 each/$29.99 for a box of 25


The Leoninos is draped in an oily dark caramel colored Corojo wrapper.  Overall the cigar appears a little rugged, with a few pronounced veins and a handful of discolored spots.  The filler tobacco seemed to be unevenly bunched, as I could feel hard and soft spots in every cigar I smoked for this review.  Pre-light aroma was very light but it had a little hay and earthiness to the nose.

First Third

I experimented some with fire on this cigar and used both matches and my torch, but did not notice any difference in the overall result.  The draw was very tight on these cigars, not so much that they could not be smoked, but enough to make me work.  The smoke was very warm and creamy, and displayed hints of nutmeg, cedar and hay.  The ash was extremely dark and sturdy, and the burn line was nearly straight.


Second Third

As I smoked my way into the second third of the cigar I was amazed at how slowly it was burning.  Although the burn line did start to wander a bit, it was nothing that a slight touch up could not correct.    Flavors remained pretty consistent, except the cedar flavor took on a slight bitterness.  The draw began to open up a bit but remained tight.


Last Third

The bitterness wore off quickly as I smoked the final third of these cigars.  No splitting of the wrapper, the burn appeared stable and the draw finally opened up to make puffing effortless.  


Final Thoughts

The Leoninos, by La Auroroa is an OK cigar at an outstanding price.  If you’re in the market of a consistent medium-bodied everyday smoke then you might consider giving these a try.  The draw issues were a little aggravating, but these cigars were kept at approximately 68% RH, so dry-boxing for a couple days may help.

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Great review…

Great review! I have seen these advertised before and might just give a fiver a try after reading your review on ’em.

Can you think of any cigars out there at the same price point that are just as good or better?

Thanks again for a great review…keep ’em coming!


There are a lot of great budget selections out there. Off the top of my head I would suggest checking out La Flordita available through Famous Smoke and Flor de Oliva. You’ll find a variety of wrappers at a great price.

These are excellent medium flavor middle of the week type cigars for the price – I keep a box or 2 around and smoke them on the golf course. Might be a little lightweight for an after dinner smoke, but great during the day.

Thanks for the review. I am smoking one now (a robusto) and have had no draw problems; it drew well right from the start. Other than that I agree with the comments; I’m about halfway through and the burn has been a little off center, but self-correcting. I’ve had them in the humidor at 68-70 for six months and they have definitely improved with age.

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