Macanudo 1968

Today Brian and I are reviewing the Macanudo 1968. This cigar was introduced in 2008 as Macanudo’s first real attempt at producing a full-bodied cigar. To help get the word out about this cigar Macanudo hosted hundreds of events nationwide where free samples of the 1968 were given out free. According to my Perelman’s Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars over 60,000 samples were handed out at these events. So let’s see what our take is on this cigar.

Overall we’d have to say that the Macanudo 1968 was a fairly enjoyable cigar. However, we feel they are a bit overpriced. Both samples burned pretty well, provided an enjoyable medium-bodied smoke with some nice flavors. We’d both recommend you try this cigar, but we don’t think you’ll find this cigar to be overly impressive.

Since Macanudo cigars are commonly described as being mild and having little flavor, the 1968 is an interesting departure. We’d both like to hear your comments on this cigar, as we’ve both seen some mixed reviews on this stick.

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I totally agree with your assessment. I got a sample 3-pack of the 1968, and was not all that impressed. Well, I wasn’t “wow’d” anyway… I remember thinking this wasn’t a stick i would normally stock in my humi. Not bad, just not great.

Nice joint review!

I have to say, I never had much luck with Macanudo cigars and it does really seem overpriced for what they normally offer. That said, I will keep my eyes peeled to give a couple a try and maybe I will be impressed..?? never know ;)


I’ve tried the Macanudo Robust and found them to be an okay smoke if you can get them at the right price. I may give these a try.

I found it to be surprisingly good and rich flavored for a macanudo. I would definitely smoke more if they weren’t 16 freaking bucks! For that price they should be the best damn smokes on the planet.

Awesome review. It was cool seeing both of you guys doing the review together. I’ve never tried a Macanudo because of the price and I never hear of anyone really loving it.

Personally, I LOVE this cigar, especially in the robusto size. Very flavorful. A litte pricy here, but I still enjoy it enough to pay for a couple.

Great review guys.

I’ve tried several sizes of this cigar, including the more recent Gigantes, and they were all fantastic! One of my top 20 cigars!

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