Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero


There isn’t much information available on this cigar. Miami Cigar & Company doesn’t even list it on their Web site. I’ve been able to find out some things. The Special Selection is the personal smoke of Nestor Miranda, the man behind the Don Lino line of cigars. In the middle of September, it was announced that Don PepĂ­n Garcia would be taking over the manufacture of this cigar from STC Cigar Manufacturers Inc., the makers of Gran Habano. The ones I smoked were the original version from STC.

Company: Miami Cigar & Company
Made In: Honduras
Made by:STC Cigar Manufacturers Inc.
Size: 7″ x 38
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Rosado
Filler: Nicaraguan and Costa Rican
Binder: Nicaraguan
MSRP: $6 single / $60 box of 10


These lanceros have incredibly toothy wrappers covered in tons of veins, with a visible seam, topped off with very precise pigtail cap. The wrapper is the color of creamed coffee. A simple band with shiny copper bands bracketing the two-tone matte band with Nestor Miranda’s signature at the top and Special Selection in block print beneath it. A quick feel shows even firmness throughout with no softness. After quick snip with my guillotine cutter, I test the pre-light draw, and it’s smooth. I put the foot to my nose, and don’t get much smell other than tobacco.

First Third

I toasted the foot with my torch, and slowly set flame to the foot. For such a thin ring gauge, it is slow to develop a cherry. Once it gets lit, very woody flavors dominate to start with some spice. The ash quickly dropped, which isn’t unusual for a lancero. A medium amount of dense, white smoke with a woody aroma to match the flavors coming through to the palette. It has a nice smooth draw, that isn’t too loose. A medium gray ash, somewhat firm, develops as it burns nice and even.


Second Third

As I continued to puff, some licorice and dried cherry flavors began the second portion, which mixed in nicely with woody flavor that still remained. The smoke was really dense and coated the mouth and tongue, which really lets me taste all of the flavors easily. The bottom startined to burn a little slow, but it eventually correctsed itself.

Last Third

As I reached the last part, the wood flavors dominated again, with just a hint of the dried cherry remaining. The draw started to firm up, as can be expected. Eventually, the wrapper started to come undone, and I had to put it down with just 3/4″ left.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection lancero

Final Thoughts

A medium bodied cigar with really nice, dense smoke that really lets you taste the flavors without the need for retrohaling. Not a complex cigar, but the flavors are nice. The dried cherry in the middle third worked well with the dominant wood flavors. Construction was good, but not stellar. Wasn’t the prettiest cigar in the world, but smoked well.

Recommendation: Buy a box, if you’re a lancero fan.

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Nice review… always looking for more Lancero’s to smoke!

Nice review! I smoked one of these lanceros on New Years day and enjoyed it quite a bit. The one I had was one of the four sticks I received with my cigar of the month club package with CI.

I will have to pick up a five pack and see if I can detect the dried cherry you commented on. I loved the woodsy notes and like you I really liked the thick smoke this stick produced.

Thanks again!


Good review Charlie, thanks. Have you tried this blend in a bigger RG for comparison?


I’ve smoked the short robusto format in the rosado wrapper. It’s lacks some of the spice of the lancero, but is still a good smoke. The oscuro wrapped version I’ve had the robusto extra, which is a great smoke. Around $6.50 a stick. A must try, maybe even more than this lancero.

Cool! I’ll have to put it on my list to try and seek out.


Great cigar – picked up 4 robustos and went through them pretty quickly. Goes best with morning coffee or an easy afternoon. Will try to pick up the lancero this weekend.

Good review! Like really like these smokes. I’ve bought a few 5 packs and now I’m down to my last 3 sticks. I really need to pick up some more.

I found this to be a great cigar. I’m a lancero lover though, for sure. I’m definitely looking to pick up a box or three in the near future.

I tried one of these a few months ago, and while it had great flavor, it was too strong for me. It could have been too little food, or hitting it too hard, but I definitely felt it. Still a good cigar, but I’ll go much slower next time I try one of these.

I LOVE these. These are easily the best Non Cubans I’ve ever tasted!

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