New Feature Series Coming Soon to Nice Tight Ash

Alright ladies and gentlemen, let me first apologize for not having a review for you this week although I’m sure that there are some that are rejoicing in the streets. But I digress. I have been in the process of selling my house and at the time that many of you are reading this I will probably be at the settlement. For anyone who has moved a house without the help of a moving company you know the rigors of getting everything out of your house and to its new, and in my situation temporary, location. The one thing that I got out of this is that I cannot believe how much shit we have accumulated in just 5 short years.

Anyway, although I didn’t have the time to provide a review, we still wanted to give you some cigar related content so you could get your fix for the day. And so…I would like to announce a new feature series that we will be bringing you in the very near future here at Nice Tight Ash.

As many of you know, I came upon some cigars from Roberto Cigars strictly by accident as I was in the process of purchasing a new humidor. Since that time, I have reviewed both of Roberto’s regular offerings, the Standard Blend and the Robust Blend, here on the site. (Since the review, the name of the Robust Blend as been changed to “Medium Blend.”) Check ‘em out if you haven’t already! After the last review, Bob approached me to help him with the blending of a new cigar. I was thrilled about the idea and jumped at the chance.

About 2 weeks ago, Bob informed me that he would be visiting a tobacco supplier and would like to get my thoughts on what I would really like out of a cigar. As a caveat, we both are fully aware that this is just one person’s taste but as we all know, most cigars begin that way. I put allot of thought into what I really enjoy and what I felt would be a great balanced and enjoyable profile as well as what I felt the current cigar market is trending towards. Those thoughts along with the fact that Bob already has very good mild and medium bodied cigars led us to focus the effort on a full bodied blend. Bob took these thoughts and ideas as well as the reviews of his other two blends to the dealer to see what the two of them could come up with.

This brings us to this new feature on Nice Tight Ash. Bob has returned with an array of tobaccos to choose from to build his full bodied blend. Bob is going to provide me with approximately 9 different blends from the tobaccos that he has managed to procure. We have developed a common rating plan that is as subjective as possible and will be used to rank the cigars 1-9 (or how ever many we end up with). During this series, I will be entirely in the dark as to what tobaccos are in each blend and it will be my thoughts on each blend that will be documented. I am hoping to take the viewers of Nice Tight Ash through the process of rating and ranking the blends and the ultimate selection of Bob’s full bodied smoke at which point we will learn the constituents of the blend together. Bob has also talked about the possibility of selecting multiple blends and putting together a sampler pack that would run the gambit from mild to full and would be available to consumers based on this experiment. This would provide you, the viewers of Nice Tight Ash, the opportunity to get your hands on the same smokes that are rated in the series and determine how your tastes compare to mine and provide feedback on whether or not you agree or disagree with our original assessment. This is just a thought at this point and the feasibility of this idea is based on the availability of tobacco but stay tuned.

In closing, I am hoping that this “mini-series” will provide some good entertainment and insight into the cigar world. As always, comments and thoughts on the series are always appreciated. Since the reviews have not yet begun, feel free to provide your thoughts and ideas on our approach and what you would like to see. In fact, I encourage you to let me know what you would like to see me discuss during this process. After all we do this for you the viewer and the more feedback from you, the better the content.

Anyway, that’s it from me today. I’m off to sell a house…but don’t forget folks…Nothin’ beats a Nice Tight Ash!

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This is a really ineteresting idea. I look forward to reading about the series.

Good luck on the move. It’s always a pain.


Sounds like a very cool idea! Moving SUX!!! I would rather sell everything with the house and buy all new for the new house =) Hope everything went smoothly, well as smoothly as possible!!!


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