Oliva Serie O

Today I am kicking off a new series of reviews that I am calling the “Humidor Staple Series.” In the ongoing attempt of all forms of cigar reviewing; whether it be magazines, blogs, etc.; we are always trying to get the reviews of the new stuff out there as soon as possible. While this is absolutely necessary to do so that consumers can stay on top of what is out there, I am going to revisit some old favorites that are probably hanging around in a lot of peoples humidors.

To get things going I have for you the Oliva Serie O in a Toro size. The Serie O is a Nicarguan Puro with a Sun Grown Wrapper and Habano Seed Fillers and Binder. Let’s see how she goes…

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Okay, seriously: I *will* make time to review this video at home… (I started the other — successfully — but then had to go to work…)

Thanks for the review, Brian. I totally agree with your assessment of Oliva. They definitely produce some of the best sticks on the market for the price.

Good review, I like the idea of going through humidor staples.
While this isn’t one of my favorite Oliva’s it is still a darn good cigar at the price.

Nice production you have there! I agree with all the points made. The Os are just a little too light/mild for me but they are good.

You can’t be the price and quality. I smoked a series O in the robusto last week, I really enjoyed the last 2/3 of the cigar, the woody flavors melded together and made it a very enjoyable smoke.

I enjoyed the Oliva O and G, I have not tried any of the maduros of either. And I am not jumping on the Oliva V bandwagon, to me there was no wow factor…below average

I agree with you. Oliva has some of the best bang for your buck! Their maddies are great!

I like the Oliva O, it’s an enjoyable smoke.

Thanks for the nice review. I’ll be sure to try one out, I’m new to the world of cigars and am anxious to try out everything.

Nice review as always. I love the Serie ‘O’, though I prefer the maduro version. Excellent stick, and a staple in my humi.

Keep it up!


Oliva serie “O” is a good cigar. It is cheap and a good cigar for anytime of the day. I do buy the Serie “O” often.

I agree with Don and Pete on the ‘O’ maddies being better.

Thanks for the review Brian. I’ve had the Serie V, the G, and the budget Flor de Oliva and liked all of them. I’ve never had an O and will have to give them a try soon. Keep on smoking.

After returning home last night from a weeklong trip for work, I was looking forward to sitting back, relaxing and enjoy a nice cigar. I reached into the humidor and decided on the Oliva Serie O. After a good week of not having an opportunity to smoke a cigar that rich sweet woody flavor of the Oliva Serie O hit the palate quickly and throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, you are right – it is a staple in my humidor. Thanks for the review Brian.

Okay: so…. DO esteli etc. compare to the “real” thang? (or the real “twang” as it were)?

Doesn’t sound like it in at least THIS case: “enjoyable” (and cheap) but it sounded like it had so much PROMISE.

Sounds like a good value though.

Nice review. I really like the Serie O, as well as Oliva’s Serie G, V and Connecticut Reserve. They’re always well constructed and match up nicely with different beverages.

Great review! Keep up the great work!

I’ve tried the Oliva O & the G, and I think I like the O better. Looking forward to the maduros!

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