Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda – Original Blend

Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda

Ernesto Padilla and Don Pepin Garcia joined together to make some of the best cigars ever released by Padilla Cigars: Miami 8/11, 1948 and 1932. Today I will be reviewing the 1932 which is named to celebrate the birth year of Ernesto Padilla’s father, famed Cuban poet, Herberto Padilla. There are two versions of this cigar now, one designed by Pepin and the other blended by Padilla. Pepin no longer blends for Padilla so Pepin could concentrate on his other blends. The way to tell these apart is the words PADILLA on the band. The bold, block lettering is the old Pepin blend and the script PADILLA is the new blend. Also, the vitolas offered changed. I’m smoking the corona gorda, my favorite size for ANY cigar, which was only offered by Cigars International. This vitola is no longer offered.The cigar features a Nicaraguan corojo wrapper, Cuban seed Nicaraguan criollo binder and filler. It was available in 5 sizes:

Let’s see how it smokes!


The wrapper is smooth with minimal veins. The wrapper is really nice and it’s hard for me to find the seams. There are no soft spots that I can find in the cigar. This cigar is actually a little stiff. The cap looks perfect showing close triple seams.

Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda - Appearance

Pre-light Draw

The notes on the pre-light draw are toasty tobacco and earth. The wrapper is really earthy, but the foot has a distinct barnyard smell full of poop. Yep, and in a cigar, that excites me.

First Third

There is a very strong nutty flavor on the first third with a taste of cashews. Woody notes are also in the mix, but not as strong. The cigar gets creamy on the retrohale which is very nice. After about ¾” into the cigar, pepper appears which you would expect from a cigar with Nicaraguan tobacco. I was getting confused at first when there was no pepper.

Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda - First Third

Second Third

The flavors have just intensified. Now, there are strong woody notes in the mix that really complement the other flavors. Creaminess has also come to the forefront. The pepper has really faded now, but these cigars have a little over a year of age on them. Maybe that tempered the pepper? On the retrohale, I get TONS of woody flavors.

Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda - Second Third

Last Third

Wow…even better. Now, the cigar is giving off nice mocha notes mixed with a hint of coffee. The mocha is the strongest note now, but the wood, creaminess and nutty notes are still present. As the cigar burns even shorter, the mocha flavors get more intense. I’m nubbing this cigar as far as I can.

Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda - Last Third

Overall Impression

This is one very good cigar. I haven’t had the new version, but I’d be skeptical that it could be better than this, but I sure want to find out! This cigar was a seesaw in flavors and slowly intensified and got better. This cigar originally scored 88 in Cigar Aficionado which I think was low. This is one of the tastiest cigars I’ve had this year. You can still find these around at some brick and mortar shops. Try them out if you can find them and even compare them with the new blend if you can.

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