Panacea Black Label Maduro

Today I’m reviewing the Panacea Black Label Maduro toro from Pennsylvania-based Flatbed Cigar Company. It’s a mild-medium bodied Dominican-made cigar sporting a Brazilian maduro wrapper and a price tag of under $6.

I pair it with a Pennsylvania made Lancaster Brewing Company Milk Stout beer, and show off my new Havanese puppy, Montecristo.

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Great review. I like the combo with the LBC milk stout beer. Awesome.

Great review! I have had a couple of the Panacea cigars and I could taste the black pepper, but it was not overpowering at all. Had a nice clean taste to it! I will be picking more up.

I do think they are a bit high priced for what they are, maybe a good $5-$6 cigar, but what can you do ;)



What did you pay for your Panaceas? At MSRP, they are in that $5-6 range. Direct from the manufacturer they are at $5.80 for the toro size I smoked.

HMM – I could have sworn I paid around $8 for them – Maybe I am wrong, I will have to check at the cigar shop in Lancaster I got them at to make sure.


wrong is such a harsh word, maybe mistaken should be inserted instead – LOL I will let ya know!

Nice review. That beer is good, but I have never had the cigar. A mild-medium maduro cigar sounds interesting. Sounds really nice. Maybe I will hit up a store around here that has one. Fyi, I am from PA too and PSU just was ranked #1 party school in country. Nice all PA review!!!

Bro, where did you get your dog from? A private breeder or kennel? Do you know if there are more pups available.


Awesome! Sounds like Flatbed Cigar Company is kicking out some killer cigars:) (it’s me)

Fumee World Cigars just ranked our PANACEA Red 560, and Black 560 in the TOP DOZEN CIGARS OF 2009. Red 560 was their #1 pick! We now have the same blend in the Red 7×60 (aka: Peacemaker). Thanks to everybody for your continued support. Sales were up. As a result, I have moved from oodles of noodles to bologna sandwiches for sustenance. If we have another growth year, bologna sandwiches for everyone on me! OK, maybe a few brews too:)



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