Part III: Black Band Project C

The C banded cigar is the final cigar in the Black Band Project Sampler. The dark and slightly oily wrapper nearly gave the cigar away, but an unexpected issue confused me. I cut the video in two portions. If you received a sampler from Camacho and want to smoke these cigars blind, do not watch the second video.

In this portion of the video I reveal what three cigars are included in the Black Band Project sampler. I also provided my final opinions on the C banded cigar.

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Thanx for seperating the reveal of the smokes! I smoked A and B so far and could tell what C was because I have some in my humi right now :) (have A in my humi also)

Only one I have not liked was the B – just to bitey and got bitter, yuk.

Awesome videos, cant wait for more!


I like the C and I am a mild-medium cigar smoker.

Black band project, Yeah, OK, pretty agressvie marketing, well layed out video, cool actors, a real “Mike Hammer” like series, to prove what ? That you are ( Camacho), yourselves,exactly what you are criticizing? I’ve been smoking Cuban cigars for over 38 years, not because I don’t know better, not because I believe in myths of Cubans,not because I’m a social snob, It’s just because they are the best cigars in the world. Until Camacho can prouve
to the 90% of the cigar smokers in the world that they are wrong, Cuban cigars will rule, communist or not, they have always been and will continue to be the best. I have smoked and will keep on smoking other cigars from other cigar countries, I have nothing againist them. I have smoked The Camacho brand also, SO, what’s so special ??
All this is proof that certain companies want to keep the embargo,WHY ?,Because
now,they are really scared, all those NC big shots who have been in control of the cigar market in the US for the last 48 years. All of their agressive marketing on how Cuban cigars ARE not the best cigars, BUT are always ready with the ,Our cigars are made by cuban rollers, Our cigars come from cuban seeds, Our cigars have that cuban taste & style, Our cigars are Habanos outside of Habana. Then comes their own propaganda, Don’t put your money in Castros pocket, Don’t support the commies, the Cuban cigar that you’re smoking is made by an angry commie, etc .etc, Our cigars are the best in the world, little did the Americans know at the time, that the NC market represented only 10% of the world market and only in the US. They have , for years, misinformed and misguided the uneducated cigar smokers in America.
Now they are really scared of losing control, scared that the American cigar smoker is questioning his
tastes and is not buying all the BS surronding NC’s , scared of the growing sales of Cuban cigars through the internet,scared of the end of the embargo and above all, scared that they will have to make real cigars. So,In the coming year or two, be ready to see even more agressivness from their part thru
marketing because,now, they really want to scare YOU into buying their cigars.

All this ,of course, is only my 2 cents worth, but from what I’ve seen in the last 30 years,coming
and going from Europe to the US. I stand by what I’ve said .
Guy Buscéma

Thanks for posting this 3 part series! I was too lazy to get involved but was curious to what it was all about. Thanks to your videos, now I know. Very cool!

I smoked C today. It was a very good and flavorful cigar. I’m not really big on maduros, but I will be smoking this one again as a change of pace cigar.

Thanks for your comment, I think this could spark a great discussion. Although you hold a very popular opinion I might add that cigar enthusiasts should “Smoke what they like, and like what they smoke.” The cigar industry has gone through many phases over the year; and in my humble opinion, the cigars being produced today by many of the boutique manufacturers outside of Cuba are easily just as good, if not better, than many of the cigars coming out of Cuba. Yes, many of these companies attempt to draw comparisons to Cuban cigars, but I would argue that this is the direct result of their own Cuban heritage and appreciation for Cuban cigars. I cannot argue that the roots of the cigar culture are deeply rooted in Cuba, however, I find it unfathomable to draw a line in the sand and say anything produced outside of Cuba is inferior.

I don’t think companies, such as Camacho, are scared of the Embargo being lifted. Quite the contrary, I think they look forward to the opportunity to use Cuban tobacco in their blends and provide an even more diverse product for cigar enthusiasts world wide. I think an exercise like the Black Band Project, although an aggressive marketing attempt, is really just a way for Camacho to allow hardcore cigar junkies to sample unbanded cigars, and then draw their own conclusions.

Please don’t take this as me trying to be argumentative, I’d really just like to be able to open up a discussion with any one willing to provide their own two cents. Thanks.


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