Paul Gramirian Reserva Excluvisa

Today’s cigar comes to us from Paul Gramirian. I generally treat this brand of cigars as celebratory cigars. I’m never let down by them and the high price point keeps them out of my regular smoking rotation. However, these cigars are not so ridiculously priced that I can’t pick up a handful from time to time.

Name: Reserva Excluvisa
Company: Paul Gramirian
Made in: Santiago, Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican & Ecuadorian
Price: $10.30 per stick
Comes in: Boxes of 25
Vitola: Robusto (5″ X 50)

Because I enjoy these cigars so much I’ve decided to skip the pre-smoke description and leave you with the video and my final thoughts. Enjoy!

The PG Reserva Excluvisa was a killer cigar from beginning to end. The flavors were complex and complemented each other well. Although this particular stick didn’t burn as well as prior experiences, it never had an ill effect on the cigar. Regardless of price I think any PG should be on everyone’s must try list. These are incredible cigars, that always leave me wanting more.

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Great review,i have seen these at my local B&M but kinda reluctant to pick one up due to the time i’m in I will get one and give it a try.

Nice review. I think I had one of these but can not remember the specifics (I am lucky to remember my name! Although the writing in my underwear helps with that).

Looks like you had a party – cars just kept showing up each third LOL

At this price point I doubt I will go out and actively hunt them down but if I run across them, I will be sure to snag some to try.


Thanks for this one, I wish I had a PG retailer near me!

Nice job! Never had one, but sounds like an excellant cigar. Thanks for the review.

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