Pinar Del Rio 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura

A new blend from Abe Flores and Juan Rodriguez that fits into that budget consciences area for cigar smokers. From the looks of this stick you would never guess the price was as low as it is. Just a gorgeous presentation from the beautiful wrapper to the classy 2-tone dark, double band. From what I can tell, the PDR 1878 is available in a Connecticut Wrapper as well as a Maduro version which is what we are smoking here. Lets see if this thing smokes as well as it presents itself.

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Hey Brian,
Thanks again for the great review…I’ve been wondering about these and it was nice to get your take on the stick..I too enjoy the oscuro and am looking foreward to your comparison of the new wrapper vs the old, as I have not had the new version yet.
Thanks again and keep on smokin’

Great review, haven’t smoked a PDR but after this great review I may have to… especially at that price.

Good review bro. I smoked two of the PDR 1878 maduros the other day and I must say that I really enjoyed those cigars. Looking forward to lighting another one after that.

Great review! These are fantastic sticks and especially for the price. I’m smoked well over a box worth of the short toro since I was first introduced them back in in June. The amount of smoke they put off is ridiculous. I’ve also grown fond of the natural wrapper stick with a good cup of coffee in the morning.

I had this cigar on tuesday. It was a decent smoke that I made the mistake of letting the guy @ the shop hold the lighter while I puffed on it getting it started and he scorched half of one side of the cigar when he wasn’t paying attention… Once it burned past that scorch mark, it was an ok smoke.

Great review, man.

I’m with on the comparison with the Oscuro. That Brazilian Bahia(?) wrapper on the new Oscuro makes for a freaking great smoke. We’ve been carrying the 1878 line for a few months, and can’t keep the Capa Madura in stock for more than a week.

Good job, bro, keep it up!

Thanks for the great review. I know I’m late to the party, but just had my first one of these, tonight. Fantastic!!

Awesome! Nice review……I am significantly late here but my local B&M just hot these! Great stick! Thanks for your info on them……I usually check you guys out before smoking something new and the reviews you guys give never disappoint!

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