Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun-Grown

Today’s cigar is a smaller, boutique brand Pinar Del Rio. I’m smoking one of their original offerings, the Habano Sun-Grown. Made in the Dominican Republic by La Fabrica Don Leoncio, it’s a good value at less than $6 a stick for the robusto I smoked.

I pair the cigar with a Backfin Pale Ale from Clay Pipe Brewing in Frederick, MD. And I reveal the winner of my Tatuaje Monster “The Frank” contest.

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CONGRATS to the winner – wont post who won, you have to watch ;)

Great review as usual. Doesnt sound like something i would like with the pepper and of course the burn problems ;)


I tell you Mike, burn problem aside, I think you’d like this cigar. The pepper isn’t harsh at all. You are a big CAO Sopranos fan, and those have a stronger taste the these do.

I bought a sampler of Pinar Del Rio’s that will hopefully come in the mail today and will be able to smoke one of these to see what I think. From what you are saying I will probably let it rest for a week in the humi and then dry box it for a day before smoking it and see if that helps with the burn issues you were having.

Great review, thanks! I smoked (and reviewed) one of these just recently, and experienced similar burn issues.

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LOL…way to tap that ash Chuck! I haven’t tried any of the Pinar Del Rio cigars, but I’ve seen them popping up on the deal sites lately and have been mighty tempted to pull the trigger on a sampler. I’m even more tempted now!

BTW, the blooper reel at the end video was hilarious!

BTW#2, congratulations to…the guy or gal who won the Tat Frank! If you want to find out who it was, then watch the friggen video!! :D

Charlie – thanx for the response! I guess I will be looking for these to try :) I really dont know what it is about the Sopranos that I like so much, since they are a full bodied cigar – its


I had the same issue with the PdR in the Robusto size. A friend talked me into trying the torpedo and told me there was a huge difference between the two.

Based on my experience he was right, the torp burned much better and had a better flavor profile. I enjoyed the torpedo but there are others I’d go for first.

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