Poll: What Makes a Good Cigar Shop?

Everbody has a favorite brick and mortar cigar store. The big question is what makes it your favorite shop? Pick our your 3 top traits for a cigar shop, and vote in our poll.

What makes a good cigar shop to you? (Pick up to 3)

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Talk about what you picked and why in the comments, and feel free to nominate your favorite shop as the best.

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i ca deal with a staff who dont know, but nothing beats a place you can go smoke watch tv, that has a good selection.

If I could have picked “all of the above” I would have. I didn’t pick “location”, but frankly, if you not within 40 miles, you’re not much use to me! ;-)

I drive over an hour and 20 minutes to visit my local cigar lounge. Being in CA there are few places I can smoke outside of my home… And while there are probably 2 dozen other cigar shops in nearer to me… Only 1 other has a lounge, but their cigars are always too dry.

So just the fact that I can go to a place, buy a cigar from someone who knows what they are doing, will offer me coffee, water, or a soda, and smoke my cigar there… Thats nice.

I actually prefer when they dont have TV’s, or WiFi though. It takes away from the experience of just hanging out with guys who share a similar interest. It’s good times, its what its all about for me.

The first two were easy: selection and a great staff. I rely on a knowledgeable staff to make suggestions when I want to smoke something new.

I chose events as my third: I like to meet the manufacturers; see some rollers; and just have a good time in general. Choosing this over a lounge or tv was tough.


I also would have chosen all of the above except for location. I would drive a little bit for a good shop. I am lucky that I have 4 good places within 30 minutes of my house. They are all knowledgeable with good selection. I don’t often find the prices great but I am sure some of that is New York taxes. It’s worth it though to have a good shop nearby.

B&M’s are important. They are and have been the Primary link between the Manufacturers and the Consumer. The Internet has affected that, recently. However, I still believe that They offer things that the Internet Cannot Ever Supply. That “Kid in a candy store” feeling You get walking into a well stocked humidor. That feeling of excitement when You find a favorite stick in stock or better yet, a New One that You have been aching to try. When You add a well versed Staff, whom are Real smokers, that connection is only increased. Having a couch or chairs to relax in is yet another plus. A welcoming environment is a rare treat for the Modern Unapologetic Cigar Smoker. One that I will drive further for and pay a bit over retail to enjoy. Now, I don’t go for Snob shops or Shops that feel that the cigar on the shelf is worth Twice what the going rate should be. Those guy’s see me once, then never again.

But a Friendly Shop with a clean floor and lots to choose from at or at least around retail prices……..those shops will get my coin and my time. There is nothing quite like walking into a neighborhood shop. The person behind the counter has a Cigar or a pipe in His mouth and a smile on His face. That is something the Internet can Never provide.

The Human element of a Shared Passion for Quality Tobacco, He’s the Friend You haven’t met Yet.


I don’t really need a staff of experts. They just need to know how to keep the cigars fresh and ready for me to buy. I hate pushy salesmen who think they know more than me. Those are the ones who usually know the least. I like when the staff are more like good buddies who know what you like and can make suggestions based on your preferences.

All I need is a good selection at a fair price and a place to sit and smoke.

As far as the staff, they just need to be able to tell me “what’s new in the shop”.

One thing that is important to me that you left off the list, the quality of the clientele. If there’s folks you can sit and talk with, that’s a plus. Cigar snobs, I can do without.

My first is staff. I am a newbie for the most part and I like a staff that is understanding, patient and helpful. You can learn a lot from someone who knows

I am a female who smokes, sells, and writes about cigars. In my opinion first and for most I want a comfortable setting. I don’t want to be ignored, and I don’t like some one who doesn’t listen to my needs!

I have found some places treat me differently then their male customers! This is annoying and will piss me off! So to wrap it up. Give me a place with easy going people, with respect and a deep passion for cigars and I am good!

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